Dear Marissa,

I can’t thank you and your staff enough for the valentines program. I say this even if Gary and I were not one of the couples renewing our vows. If was such a memorable affair. Unlike the original, 40 years ago, this time was stress free and more enjoyable, you’ll understand when your date comes around.

You and your staff left nothing to want – the flowers, rings, music, and of course the garters.

I’m sure everyone, even the spectators, had a great time.

Thanks for always organizing such thoughtful events.

Mary Price

Dear Samantha,

Please share with the Department Heads, and all employees, our sincerest gratitude and appreciation for their professionalism during the recent snow storm.
We are in awe at the number of staff members who left their own families and personal responsibilities so they could take care of us. They placed the needs of others above their own. That is dedication and love to the highest degree!
As parents and grandparents, we worried about our own families and how they were doing in their homes. We were also concerned about our “other” children. We breathed a sigh of relief both days when we saw familiar faces “all present and accounted for”.
In spite of the weather, the staff went about their work without complaints and The Bristal functioned with its usual efficiency.
The comradery of the staff was noted by the residents. This reflects your leadership, your respect, and your appreciation of the staff efforts.
We thank you for what you do for the entire Bristal community.
Faith Radler

Dear Ms. McKeon,

It has been almost a year since my mother moved into the Bristal in Sayville and I am so grateful. Everyday I show up and I am greeted by a warm smile from Gerri and words of encouragement. I never know what type of day my mother is going to have given her dementia, but as soon as I enter Reflections, I am given an update. Many of days my mother gives everyone a run for their money of why she “can’t” get up, but I know if Carol or Hermanna or any of the other aides have been in her room once, they’ve been in there three times. And it is frustrating that even I don’t know what is going to persuade her to start her day. Tracey and Patrice have brainstormed with me on what I do to convince her or they come up with an idea. It is great how they keep trying and don’t give up.

I appreciate when I am in her room how clean it is kept. Often I know Pat has to hunt out the dirty clothes she hides and returns them freshly cleaned.C

When my mother and I emerge from her room it is always fantastic to know there is an activity occurring. I only need to look on the calendar to find out and encourage her to par take. Whether it is Tori discussing current events, Dan covering recent court cases, or bingo with Monica, I know my mother will have fun. I see pictures of her at events and hear stories of her good times and it makes me smile. I even recommended a friend to the Bristal and he has placed his wife into the Bristal in Holtsville successfully. We met at another assisted living center and believe me, it is night and day how much better your facilities are in contrast.

This is a hard time for my mother. She sometimes doesn’t remember I am her daughter, but I know her new family works hard to keep her place clean, safe, and most importantly happy. The people at the Sayville Bristal work hard above and beyond their job titles and treat the residents with respect and compassion. So even if my mother won’t remember all the great things she has enjoyed this year, I won’t forget.

Thank you and Happy Holiday,

Dear Miss Bent,

I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to you and the staff at The Bristal for helping me celebrate my 93rd birthday with my family. Seven adults and two children representing four generations of my family enjoyed lunch together in the private dining room on Sunday, October 16th. the dining room staff was attentive and responsive to our needs. Each guest was able to order a different meal from the large number of selections on the menu -- from hot dogs for my great-grandchildren to baked salmon for my daughter-in-law. And the children were free to play in the comfortable room in a way that would not be possible in a restaurant.

It is a wonderful benefit to have the use of the private dining room. I look forward to celebrating many more occasions with my family at The Bristal!

William Stegman


Good morning. I just wanted to email you to thank you for everything. This whole process has been very difficult and taxing on my father-in-law and my wife and it has been tough to find people who have been so helpful and understanding. You and Susan have been so fantastic and it has been great to know that there are such helpful people out there for these tough times.


Dear Mr. Solano,

My name is Lynn Lewandowski, a friend and caregiver to Kathryn Twomey. She has been a resident of the Bristol in Westbury for over a year and half. I don't often write letters of commendation.  However, in this case I feel compelled to since I have been so impressed with the level of service, care and support provided by some of your employees.

Although, I have not interacted directly with some of the staff, I find that most are very warm, helpful and genuinely concerned with the residents of the Bristal.  They always acknowledge everyone on a first name basis. They initiate everyday conversation, and are always helpful and seem to always say and do their tasks with a smile.

I would like to acknowledge, in particular, some of your staff members that seem to always exceed my expectations. Firstly, there is a wonderful Recreation Program that always seems to be "standing room only"! But, what makes these programs outstanding is the Recreation Staff itself! They always seem to go above and beyond their tasks to ensure the residents have a wonderful time. They demonstrate strong teamwork efforts and traits that seem to have been lost in this industry.  They encourage, motivate, and inspire the residents to participate and have fun, making these events so enjoyable for everyone.    They always make sure a good time is had by all. You can see and feel the wonderful, youthful energy these residents, once again, enjoy when they are singing along or dancing with the staff and others.   It is such a pleasure to witness and I believe such an important part of the residents continued well-being. They have established great respect, trust and have a lasting impact on the future success living their life at this Bristol.

I would like to acknowledge, particularly, the following staff members Carol, Elizabeth, Lillian, Natalie and any other staff member of the Recreation Staff that l may have inadvertently left out. You are all wonderful!! In addition, I must also compliment, Robert, the Dining Room Manager, who always stops and makes himself available to residents and visitors alike.   He is never too busy to make conversations and put a smile on their face.

Josi, and all the Front Desk Staff, who so often are ones who make the first impressions upon entering the Bristol, are always professional, very helpful and greet people with the biggest smiles. They make everyone feel very welcome! I know they also make sure Kathryn and others get their newspapers delivered to their rooms!

Kathryn is very comfortable in the knowledge that her needs are always meet and always states, "It's a great place to be, if you have to be in  a place like this!"

Please let your staff know that they are truly appreciated and should be recognized and held up as an example for others to try and emulate.

Lynn Lewandowski

We have met only once – and that was quite a while ago – and now I just feel that it is time for me to pass on to you our feelings about The Bristal in White Plains. My wife Doris and I joined The Bristal community in November 2014. At that time and for many months later we were both still concerned about making this very important decision. Our son Richard visited many assisted living facilities in this area and it was he who felt after a very careful study that The Bristal in White Plains is the one place where we would be happy, healthy and safe. It is true that our way of life has dramatically changed, but we can both honestly now say – it was the “right move.”

Doris and Dan Mast

"We are sad to see our Mom Gloria Simon leave the place that has been home for the last 2 years, but wanted to express our deepest gratitude for the compassionate care, genuine warmth and fellowship, professionalism, and personability that has enabled our family and our Mom to navigate this challenging ordeal in our lives. Everyone on Staff here has conducted themselves with the highest standards of excellence, but special thanks to Mary, Shaniqua, Dawn, Marie G, Ruth, Claudia, and Bill. Your dedication and service distinguish you not only as employees of an award-winning facility, but as individuals whose concern, commitment, and sense of community deserve the highest praise!"

The Simon Family

Debra Figueroa
Executive Director
400 County Line Road
Massapequa , New York , 11758

Dear Debra;

On May 1, 2015 after highly researching many assisted living homes, we brought my 89 year old mother, Anne Vitrano, to live at the Bristal in Massapequa. We chose this Bristal because of its "family" atmosphere, friendliness, the many social activities and its established structure. I was nervous for Mom at first but quickly felt a sense of "calm" as she was lovingly taken under the wings of angels. Mom has just turned 90 and has never been happier and content. The trust we feel from the Bristal in Massapequa is priceless.

Recently Mom fell and broke her hip and had surgery. She is now in a rehab and expected to return to the Bristal soon. She will be going to the Reflections community . I was a bit reluctant at first but now feel the same confidence with this move for her. She will be in good hands from a staff that has amazing skills and knowledge. I am writing to commend the Bristal at Massapequa's incredible staff. They are Family.

Your Director of Resident Relations, Dina McDougald and Director of Resident Services, Angela White have been a godsend to me and my family. Their caring expertise and professionalism have helped us through a tough time. They have both spent much time with us in helping us make the right decisions for Mom and we value their knowledge and positive attitudes.

The Recreation department at the Bristal in Massapequa is simply Amazing! Your talented, hard working staff has made "Life Good" for each and every resident. My Mom is a social butterfly and participates in just about everything. Marissa Krause, your lovely Director, runs the show with poise, patience and always with a smile. She is kind-hearted and listens; a quality very much appreciated. Marissa's insight with each resident is noticed and admired. Sue Maksim is one of Mom's guardian angels. She calls the families every month to let us know about each and every trip and activity and knows what everyone likes. She works double duty as a recreation assistant and drives the bus. Sue is always positive, never complains and always tries to include everyone with her gentle ways. Her calm nature is a valued asset.

I must comment on 3 individuals who go that extra step ... ,Brittany Calgano: a True Gem. Brittany happily works in Reflections as a recreation assistant and maintains stability, along with a fun atmosphere. She is kind and adds a security to all the residents who love her dearly. Her experience is beyond her age and she genuinely cares. Since Mom has been in the rehab Brittany has visited her 3 times to cheer her up! Mom has dementia but knew Brittany right away and laughed with her having a good time. Brittany truly makes a difference in the lives of the residents. Dorothy Ferencik: also works as a recreation assistant and receptionist. You can always count on Dorothy. Her faith in people is so enlightening. Dorothy has empathy and compassion. She is friendly to everyone and always willing to lend a hand. Dorothy has all good things to say about life and is just a fun loving person loved by all. She also was kind enough to visit Mom twice at the rehab and Mom just loved it! Lynne Barbato: a receptionist and part time recreation assistant has taken her time to visit my Mom at the rehab! Lynne has a genuine concern for Mom and all the Bristal residents. She is a hard worker and continuously supports both the residents and families! There is always a smile on her face, and Nancy Corrao, a receptionist who is as sweet as they come and one of the most patient people I know. Nancy is a pure breath of fresh air, filled with warmth and much love to all. Nancy always asks how Mom is doing and is extremely sensitive to your feelings. What a pleasure!

Your Wellness Department at Massapequa is just Phenomenal! The devotion and respect the staff gives to all is a beautiful thing. Everyone there works as a team and communicate well together. You could not find better care anywhere as your Wellness staff go beyond the call of duty. All the caring and warmness given is a blessing. Each and every person there brightens our lives.

I must commend Chillitta Jackson who is a treasure. Chillitta has spent numerous precious moments consoling me when Mom first came to the Bristal. She is always re­assuring and helps make you feel comfortable to call her with any question or situation. Along with all the Wellness staff, Chillitta is always attentive to the needs of the residents! She will always go that extra mile to ensure us our loved one is well taken care of. Chillitta is a friend to all!

Last but not least I must compliment your housekeeping and maintenance department. Ozzie Izquierdo is always happy to be of any assistance. And Joe and Victor are multi­talented men who go out of their way to assist you. These men never say no and will take care of you with a smile. Recently they moved Mom to Reflections from the assisted living side and Spent most of the day making her move perfect and everything easier for us. They never complain. Every one of these men are extremely appreciated.

Now we look forward to add Heather Samuelson, the Director of Reflections, to our family. Heather spent a whole morning comforting & educating us so Mom's new home would be a good experience. It's so nice to feel confident this is the right choice and the Bristal in Massapequa is Anne Vitrano's home away from home.

I'll never forget meeting you in King Kullen a few years ago Debra. What a lovely conversation we had about my mother and the Bristal. You really helped make a difference in our lives and I'll always remember you're encouragement and support.

We thank god each day for the Bristal in Massapequa and all your hard working loving people that make you a family we are proud to be part of.

Yours truly,
Patricia A. Howe

To whom it may concern:

All to often, especially these days, people complain about how a job is being done, how they are not being treated fairly, or jobs are not being taken care of quickly enough. I'm writing this letter today because I think it's so important when someone is doing an incredible job that it should be acknowledged and commended. That is the case with Marion Murphy.

My mom, Elaine Mirzoeff, has been at the Bristal in Westbury for approximately 8 years. She hasn't been easy to deal with for various reasons. Marion has taken the time to get to know my mom, has dealt with her in a professional, kind and sympathetic way. Marion also worked with me closely to try and remedy some very sensitive issues, and in the end with Marion's guidance & support, we were successful. It took months ... but the end result is truly amazing.

It's obvious that not only does Marion love the work that she does, she really cares, not just for my mom, for all the residents at the Bristal (I've seen her in action). She wants to see the residents happy, listen to their stories about their life experiences ... she realizes there is a lot to learn just by listening. Marion is sharp, sincere, a wonderful nurse and truly second to none.

In closing, I'd like to say that Marion is indeed an employee of the Bristal that should be praised.

Helen Orlando