Fresh, healthful ingredients. Delicious recipes infused with excitement. Professional chefs at each of The Bristal’s assisted living communities. Memorable meals that place a savory twist on dietary needs and preferences. What is dining like at The Bristal? Unlike anything else. 

alluring eats at the bristal

Alluring Eats

Our award-winning chefs at The Bristal are committed to making every meal a scrumptious and memorable experience with flavorful, fun, nutritious, and creative dishes served daily. We collaborate with the Lifestyle Department to hold festive food tastings, competitions, demos, and themed lunches and dinners, such as Italian Night, Oktoberfest, Summer BBQs, and more.

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Enjoy prepared-to-order meals at our Chef Action Stations, spend a special evening of elegant dining at The Executive’s Table, or enjoy delicious munchies, desserts, and drinks. The choice is yours. There’s something for everyone when it comes to dining at The Bristal.

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taste of home program at the bristal

Taste of Home Program

With our Taste of Home program, share your favorite recipe with your peers. Simply fill out a recipe card and return to your Director of Food Service. The Director may then serve the dish at mealtime or hold a demonstration and tasting event with residents.

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Residents at The Bristal also influence what’s on the menu at their community. Through monthly Food Committee meetings, a group of representatives meet with the location’s chef and discuss likes and dislikes, and offer ongoing feedback for the menu.

All in all, we have fun with food, and we are conscious, of course, to comply with all religious holidays and observances.

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fresh garden grown vegetables

SmartChoice: Healthy Ingredients

A vital part of healthy living, of course, is a commitment to healthy eating, and we educate residents on how smarter eating promotes better health and well-being.

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The chefs at The Bristal have made it their mission to present our residents every day with more nutritionally-conscious choices by creating recipes focusing on “clean foods” – foods that promote healthy brain function and improve cognitive ability.

At The Bristal, you’ll also find heart-healthy, sugar-free, and no-salt-added options available at each of our communities.

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The Bristal’s Culinary Leadership Team

We offer residents an array of appetizing meal choices each day, along with special events, action stations, and culinary programs to always keep the dining experience fresh and fun. The importance of having delicious and nutritious chef-prepared meals within an assisted living community simply cannot be overstated. That’s why here at The Bristal, we have a solid team of leaders who ensure consistency in expectation and standards across all communities. The team includes hardworking Prep Cooks, Servers, Sous Chefs, Executive Chefs, Dining Room Managers, Regional Teams, and more – all who love what they do. At the helm is Randy Tremble, Vice President of Food and Beverage. Learn more:

Randy Tremble

Meet Randy Tremble
Vice President of Food & Beverage

Randy Tremble oversees the dining experience at all communities of The Bristal. Few resumes come as solid and comprehensive as his, culminating in over 30 years of experience in the culinary arts. Formally trained in the U.S. Air Force, Randy has served the private sector now for decades, and has worked alongside some of the world’s best chefs, both nationally and abroad. This massive talent and global expertise all translates into a consistently exceptional Resident Dining Program for the residents we serve. His uncompromising attention to detail, his understanding of senior nutrition and his love for the culinary arts have all been instrumental in making The Bristal second-to-none when it comes to dining and cuisine.

Farm to Table

The Bristal partners with local farmers and providers to ensure that no matter the time of year, we include fresh and in-season ingredients in the delicious meals that we serve.

Much of our produce comes directly from farmers in the tri-state area. And local meat and seafood are often on the menu as well. Fresh, nutritious food is important to us and our residents – and you’ll find plenty of it here.

Modified Diets

In addition to regular meals and snacks, The Bristal is able to accommodate modified diets as needed. Therapeutic diets include no salt added (NAS), no concentrated sweets (NCS), lactose free (LF), and gluten free (GF). Mechanically altered diets include soft to chew, chopped, ground and pureed.

We believe that meals should always be appetizing and well-balanced. Ask us for more information about the modified diet options in our assisted living dietary program.

A Note About Nutrition

Here at The Bristal, we know that good nutrition is key to feeling your best. Especially as we age, nutritional and dietary needs can change. We staff a full-time Registered Dietitian to not only ensure that meals and offerings are well-balanced, but to offer more options for those who may need a modified diet. The Bristal is well-versed in offering therapeutic diets like no salt added, no concentrated sweets, or perhaps lactose or gluten free options. In special cases, we are also able to accommodate mechanically altered diets, sometimes referred to as a mechanical diet. These include pureed or ground foods or those which are soft to chew. With Alaina Hoschke on board, residents at The Bristal can feel confident that their nutritional needs are met no matter what. Learn more about Alaina:

Alaina Hoschke

Meet Alaina Hoschke
Registered Dietitian

A registered dietitian with a master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition, Alaina Hoschke, MS, RD, CDN adds more than just a dash of expertise to our Dining Services team. She has a solid background in clinical nutritional therapy covering a range of specialties – including geriatrics – allowing The Bristal to better serve residents with special dietary needs. Her responsibilities include menu planning for regular and modified diets throughout The Bristal communities, as well as conducting ongoing education for staff and residents. She also spearheaded The Bristal’s Taste of the Season program, which encourages residents and staff alike to try new and interesting ingredients.

Favorite Recipes, Chef Highlights and More!

Eating well is so important for our overall health – no matter our age. At The Bristal, we know a thing or two – not only about nutrition, but also the importance that food plays in our everyday lives as well as our family traditions. On The Bristal Blog, we highlight our talented chefs, share some of their favorite recipes, and touch on important topics surrounding nutrition for seniors. Here are the most recent entries from our food and dining category.

Seasonal Snapshot

Whether it’s this month’s Taste of the Season recipe or made-to-order flatbreads in the Bistro, we love to highlight the culinary delights from our communities. Here you’ll find the latest from our Instagram feed: