These programs are offered by us, but they’re built by you. They are rooted in The Bristal’s commitment to always place residents at the center of the experiences we offer. Our Signature Programs are constantly evolving thanks to resident feedback.

hands on hearts in program

Hands-On & Hearts-In®: Staff Sensitivity Training Program

At The Bristal, we implemented Hands-On & Hearts-In®, a comprehensive sensitivity training program, to better understand the challenges our residents may be experiencing day-to-day.

Through this program, our staff becomes that much more sensitive to our residents’ varying degrees of ability and capacity. It makes for more compassionate decision making and more realistic goal setting — all of which results in better care, happier days, and improved quality of life for our residents.

a daughter helping her older mother with mobility enhancement

Mobility Enhancement Program

One of the most important initiatives for our residents is the Mobility Enhancement Program, which is designed to reduce the risks of falling, fall-related injuries, and hospitalizations.

This voluntary, individualized program combines the expertise of physical therapists, nurses, and primary care physicians in one comprehensive multidisciplinary approach, addressing both the medical and physical risk factors that commonly result in falls.

We’re also pleased that The Bristal at Lake Success is the first assisted living community in New York State to implement the Foresite Predictive Health and Fall Management System. Learn more about this state-of-the-art technology.

a granddaughter helping her grandmother garden

The Bristal Helping Hands

The Bristal Helping Hands started when groups of our residents and staff came together to organize for community support. Since then, members of The Bristal Helping Hands committees at each of our communities regularly seek similar service-based projects for staying active and engaged as volunteers.

With neighborhood programs in perpetual need of resources and our seniors eager to stay in touch and involved, The Bristal Helping Hands presents a win-win opportunity for both our residents and the communities they serve.

The Bristal Better U - A Higher Degree of Living

BBU: The Bristal Better U

Developed in conjunction with Hofstra University Continuing Education, The Bristal Better U is a voluntary lifelong learning and personal enrichment program available throughout all communities of The Bristal.

The BBU presents lectures, discourses, and other educational content covering a wide range of topics of both general and specific interests. Society, global culture and politics, science, media, entertainment, and more — the areas presented and taught on are as diverse as the imaginations of our residents.