Video Testimonials from Residents at The Bristal Assisted Living

Hear from our residents about what makes life at The Bristal Assisted Living so distinctive.

“My name is Phyllis and this is Toby and we both live at The Bristal in Englewood. I grew up in Brooklyn, I met my husband in Brooklyn. We moved to Englewood Cliffs when our second child was born. There used to be a diner here, it was a really good diner, and the diner was gone. But instead of the diner there was a sign that said Bristal Assisted Living and a phone number.”

“I lived alone in my house and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I had a fright one night because I thought I was having a heart attack and I called my son and he said hurry up – he got me one of those buzzers, fast alert or something. I called an ambulance and they came right away, took me to the hospital, but it wasn’t a heart attack, thank God. And I got so frightened, I said “that’s it, I’m not living alone anymore.”

“My name is Irene Seidner. I live here at The Bristal in West Babylon. My children, thank God, found this place, convinced me to come here. First I didn’t want to. I wanted to stay at home. But once I saw it, once I realized it’s for me, I came here, am very, very happy. Met wonderful, wonderful, wonderful friends. You know at this age our friends kind of fade away, but I got wonderful new friends.”

“My name is Caroline Evangelista and I live at The Bristal. I worked in Manhattan for The Hearst Corporation and I was Assistant to the President, so I did a lot of things, you know. I like it so I worked until I was 74 years old. I had an accident where I broke my heel and my shoulder, and so it was surgery, and I went to rehab for three and a half months…”

“I am Mario Caputo and I live here at The Bristal. Living here is very exciting and they treat you very good, and if you do need anything in a hurry they make sure they get to it. My daughter comes practically every day and visits me because she’s only a few miles away. And we enjoy it here. There are no complaints, really. Of course, the hospitality is very good.”

“I’m Annette Greene and I live here at The Bristal at West Babylon. I lived in Florida for 19 years. But my husband was getting ill and I decided to come back here because my children live here. My husband passed away, I was too far from them, and I wanted to be closer. My children heard about this Bristal being built and she said, “would you like to take a look at it?” And I said “yes, I’m open to anything.”

“I’m Joan, and I came to The Bristal at the end of February. This is almost two months that I’ve been here and I’m really enjoying the life. I lived in Long Beach, New York, the South Shore. And it was quite a change to leave the beach and my family, you know. I always loved the beach, but it’s fine. We’re enjoying it very much here, and I do have family here locally and grandchildren. And it’s been a pleasure…”

“My name is Madge, and I was born in Manhattan, lived in Yorkville, married, then lived in Long Island in Syosset. Raised my children there, all four. Then I moved to Huntington. And I lived there for 30 years. And now I’m in The Bristal. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to come, but since I have come I am very happy. I made the right decision. We’ve had time to play games and bingo. And the food is excellent…”

“I moved in on December 20th. I was born on Long Island. Originally I was from Syosset. I lived in Florida for 21 years, and had a little problem with my health, and my daughter brought me back here. And ended up here at The Bristal. I was the first one to move into The Bristal. And I met Marge. We play cards together. We exercise together. Sit at the same table for breakfast and lunch and dinner.”

“Syosset for most of my adult life. Raised my children there, and spent winters in Marco Island. I love the art class, I love the people I met here. They’re all lovely. I love using the gym, and the staff is excellent, lovely. I usually like chicken, I love Chicken Francaise. Well, I think we improved upon it. We were asked to bring one of our favorite recipes, and we were asked to go into the kitchen and showed them how to prepare…”