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When your loved one has Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia, keeping them safe is often your top priority. And according to the Alzheimer’s Association, keeping loved ones with dementia safe not only helps to prevent injuries, but helps them feel relaxed, not as overwhelmed, and able to stay independent longer.

At Reflections at The Bristal, we’re serious about our residents’ safety, security, and comfort. Kate Schneider, MS CTRS CADDCT and Programming Specialist for Reflections, explains some of the ways The Bristal ensures residents experience consistent and safe surroundings.

  • Residents wear WanderGuard bracelets, which allow them access to specific areas of the community.
  • Pull cords in all bathrooms, bedrooms, and showers can immediately alert staff members if pulled.
  • Bright, natural lighting and consistent floor coverings help residents find their way.
  • Individual care plans for each resident make sure staff members get to know them closely and help them adjust to Reflections.

In addition, staff members in our Reflections areas are trained in dementia care and participate in our Hands-On & Hearts-In® training program. This approach shows them the cognitive and physical challenges people with dementia face, which in turns helps them provide better care to residents.

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Daily Life at Reflections

Reflections residents participate in a variety of activities each day, from group games which encourage cognitive stimulation to special events like movies, bingo, dances, comedy nights, and more. These recreational opportunities help encourage residents to remain active, engaged, and involved in the world around them.

Dining rooms in Reflections offer comfortable seating in four tops, which helps encourage socialization. Different types of therapeutic music are played at each meal. And staff can provide assistance with food choice and eating, although we always try to promote independence.

Residents can also enjoy quiet rooms with water features, gliders, aromatherapy, music, and other soothing activities. Enclosed courtyards allow residents to safely enjoy the outdoors whenever they’d like.

Residents also have the opportunity to attend supervised outings. Trips are planned to carefully selected venues to help ensure the comfort of those who wish to join. Reflections staff members always accompany the residents, bring along necessary supplies like boxed lunches and drinks, and are present throughout the outings.

Residents who don’t wish to exit the bus also have the option to take part in scenic rides around the local areas. The Director of Recreation regularly plans these types of trips to see local beaches, parks and preserves, historic homes, light displays during the holidays, and so much more.  

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Visitation and Guest Policies

At The Bristal, care is a whole-person approach. That’s why we keep family members informed of their loved ones’ health and activities, and we welcome them – and encourage them – to visit as often as they’d like.

Family members may visit Reflections at any time, without announcement, day or night. Living at The Bristal is just like living at home. There are no rules about when family can stop by for a visit with their loved one.

“There are many beautiful public and private common areas for the families to visit,” said Schneider. “Residents can host visitors in their apartment, or enjoy any one of the common areas. Parties can be arranged in the private dining room or country kitchens with a prior reservation.”

With recreational activities going on, family can either take part privately in an activity with their loved one, or join with the group.

And just as they would at home, Reflections residents are free to leave the community with their families, maybe for a special meal out, a shopping trip, a family celebration, or a holiday. All residents are asked to sign out at the reception desk with an expected time of return so staff members are aware of who is in the building.

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Learn More About Reflections

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