Our Place Memory Café:

Encouragement and Connection in the Face of Memory Loss

So often, families dealing with loved ones facing memory loss can feel more and more isolated over time. They tend to keep to themselves, go out less and avoid social encounters that can be painful reminders of the daily challenges they confront. But it doesn’t always have to be this way — which is why The Bristal created the Our Place Memory Café.

The Our Place Memory Café welcomes people and their loved ones into a secure, comfortable, and socially engaging venue (at a local restaurant) where they not only experience an afternoon of fun and entertainment, but also patience, understanding and true camaraderie with friends who are going through the same. This unique and vital service was designed after a wonderful idea crafted in the Netherlands by Dr. Bere Miesen, a psychologist from Holland; he recognized the need for people living with a diagnosis of Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease to continue benefitting from seeking and keeping positive social connections. It is also equally important for people caring for a loved one with this diagnosis to have a place where they, too, can relax, socialize, share thoughts, emotions, and find answers to key questions.

The Bristal has partnered with several wonderful venues and other groups like us that support seniors and caregivers to help us deliver this service with with an ease and excellence that typifies all we do at The Bristal.

To learn more about joining us at Our Place Memory Café, contact The Bristal to locate the venue and time that works for you.

New friendships are waiting. Come join us soon!


The Our Place Memory Café is offered at no cost. It is sponsored by The Bristal Assisted Living and other peer care partners. Those with memory concerns may attend with a family member, friend, or caregiver. The Our Place Memory Café is not intended for unaccompanied persons with significant care needs. Sessions are held monthly and are subject to change.


Contact us about attending Our Place Memory Café or let us know if you would like one in your neighborhood.