Get Fit with Everyday Activity

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Exercise and Everyday ActivitiesAlthough you might be plenty busy with volunteer work, social activities and hobbies, seize every opportunity you can to be physically active. Include hobbies like golf or swimming. Take advantage of the times you can walk more distance, like parking farther away at the grocery store or, if your mailbox is down the street, trekking to it instead of driving. These everyday activities can help you get fit.

If you have a dog, go for longer walks, play catch in the yard or hike the local trails with your canine companion. Keep safety in mind when participating in outdoor activities, and stick to early morning or evening hours to avoid the heat of the day. Check both you and the dog for ticks after time spent in the woods, and carry water for both of you.

Getting Fit with the Grandkids

Since most of us love spending time with grandkids, and they love activity just as much, make plans to “work out” with the kids.

You can…

• Swim, canoe or play tennis with teens;

• Kick around a soccer ball, bike or play badminton with school-age kids;

• Take toddlers for a walk in the stroller, a push on the park swing or a romp through the grass.

Not only will everyone get fit and tuckered out, you’ll also create lasting memories to cherish.

Have you heard of geocaching? This exercise is a real-world treasure hunt via GPS coordinates from your smartphone. You’ll literarily traipse through your town navigating to GPS coordinated destinations where you’ll follow clues in search of the cache (hidden object). The grandkids or a group of friends will be only too happy to help.

Do the grandchildren have a video game system? Why not spring for a physical fitness game like Wii Sports, Wii Fit, Just Dance on Xbox Kinect or Dance Dance Revolution? Grandchildren will enjoy boogying with you in front of the TV or playing a game of tennis in the living room while creating a memorable afternoon.

Other Ways to Find Creative Exercise

Malls are tops for more than picking up a new sweater or pair of shoes. Mall walking has become a popular pastime, especially in inclement weather. Too hot, too cold or raining? Hit the mall for a sheltered, safe space to walk and people watch at the same time. Better yet, bring a friend and catch up while you stroll.

Has it been a while since you hit the dance floor? Have you ever tried swing or flamenco? Well, you can burn significant calories and incorporate activity into your week by getting into the swing of dancing (pun intended). Sign up for lessons, find a rec hall where you can practice, or just invite a few friends over and turn up the oldies.

Wish you could play softball or swim on a team? Why not look into a rec league for seniors? You can find everything from swim meets to basketball and softball teams geared to your age group. There’s nothing like building the camaraderie of team friendship as you pursue a physical sport you always loved or wanted to try.

Finally, you needn’t spend a fortune to get a workout; most outdoor activities like gardening, walking and hiking are free, as is the mall. Rec leagues and pools have nominal fees, and throwing on the snowshoes in the back of the closet costs nothing. If cost is a concern, stick to free or low-cost activities like throwing a potluck dance party or walking the dog more. Just get moving!

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