Fun Fall Activities for the Family to Enjoy

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fun-fall-activities-for-the-family-to-enjoy-headline-graphicIt’s always sad to say goodbye to summer, but that won’t stop us from shifting our focus to saying hello to fall! Think of the wonderful colors, the crisp air and spending time with family. There are so many fall activities to be done with family and friends of all ages! Here are some of our favorite fall activities:

Explore, Collect, Create.

A lot of fall activities deal with the staple fall items: apples, pumpkins and changing leaves. The first step is to get outdoors and explore the fall landscape.

Take a walk and admire the fall leaves; collect your favorites to use for crafts. There are tons of fall leaf crafts, but here are some of our favorites:

  • Leaf Lantern. All you need is a clean jar or bowl, fall leaves and mod podge. Place a tea light inside once it dries and you’re set!
  • Preserve Them.  You can press leaves in between pages of a large book or melt down some bees wax and give leaves a quick dip.
  • Make a Print. Coat leaves with a thin layer of paint and press onto paper and use the prints to make a garland or wreath; softer leaves work best for this. Paint too messy? Place a piece of paper over your leaf and lightly color over it with pencil or crayon to create a leaf rubbing.
  • Leaf Bouquet. Make mini leaf bouquets with a wide range of colors to bring indoors, no flowers necessary. If you want a more traditional bouquet, stick within the fall theme with white, yellow and red roses, sunflowers and mums.

After you’re done with the leaves, head on over to your local pumpkin patch and get picking! These do-it-yourself ideas all involve pumpkins:

  • Be Traditional. Carve your pumpkin! But, don’t feel limited to a Halloween theme. Treat the pumpkin as a lantern; try using a cookie cutter to punch out shapes, such as stars, around the whole pumpkin.
  • Jazz Them Up. Use pumpkins as is, for décor. Though, if you want to jazz them up a bit, try painting it, wrapping it with fabric, yarn or ribbon or bedazzling it with jewels or pins.
  • Make or Bake. There are so many terrific things that can be made with pumpkin, canned or straight from the source. Some unique options, aside from the traditional pumpkin pie, include chili, waffles, ravioli and baked stuffed pumpkin.

Our last bit of fall inspiration comes from apples. It’s a lot of fun to pick your own apples at any age, but even more fun can be had after the picking!

  • Light it Up. Scoop out the top center of an apple and use it to rest a tea light; go the extra mile and fully scoop out and carve your apple.
  • Stamp it. Slice an apple in half, dip it in some paint and stamp away! You can create wrapping paper, garland and bags, but the possibilities are limitless.
  • Bake More. Don’t stop at the classic apple pie; try French toast, caramel apples and apple chips.
  • Enjoy Cider. You can use store bought cider or have the fun of making it yourself. Don’t limit yourself to drinking cider; you can use it as a marinade or in dressings.

With these fall activities you’re bound to have a season full of excitement with family and friends. Let’s welcome fall and all its wonderful attributes.

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