30 Ideas for Random Acts of Kindness That Will Make You Smile

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30 ideas for random acts of kindness weekDid you know that there is a designated Random Acts of Kindness Week, and that it is coming up soon?  This year, it takes place from February 14th to February 20th. Therefore, it seems like a good time to think about random acts of kindness to perform, not only during this particular week, but also throughout the year.

Below are 30 random acts of kindness ideas that will make you smile and help others:

1. Volunteer to serve a meal at a soup kitchen.
2. Visit a house-bound relative or friend.
3. Send a present or flowers to someone when it is not his or her birthday.
4. Bring a well-behaved pet to a senior center.
5. Buy a stranger in line behind you a coffee.
6. Donate books to your local library.
7. Donate clothes to Goodwill, the Salvation Army, or similar organizations.
8. Offer to walk the dog of a busy person for free.
9. Prepare a personalized travel guide for someone who is visiting your city or town.
10. Give away a movie or concert ticket that you cannot use.
11. If you see someone trying to come up with exact change for a bus or train fare, give him or her your spare change.
12. Help someone stow luggage on a train, bus or airplane.
13. Help your neighbor shovel snow or rake leaves.
14. Deliver chicken soup to a sick friend.
15. Write a testimonial about a company or product you like and share it online.
16. Send a funny or cheerful e-card to a friend who is feeling down.
17. Offer to run errands for someone who could use the extra help.
18. Help create or maintain a community garden.
19. Buy donuts or bagels for your office.
20. Help someone pack up for a move.
21. Send a handwritten letter to someone who has had a positive impact on your life.
22. Offer to babysit for children of busy parents for free.
23. Leave your travel guides at a hotel for other guests to use.
24. Call the manager of a store clerk who was especially helpful to you, and tell the manager how helpful the clerk was.
25. Create a scrapbook of happy memories for a close friend or relative.
26. Create a hand-made birthday card.
27. Feed a stranger’s parking meter if it is about to expire.
28. Organize a food drive for a local food pantry.
29. Offer a home repair person (plumber, cable tech, locksmith, etc.) a beverage – especially on a hot day.
30. Offer to grab a lunch or a snack for a busy colleague who has no time for a lunch break.

Using these random acts of kindness ideas will brighten the day of others. What you might not realize is that doing so will brighten your own day, too. Don’t wait until Random Acts of Kindness Week to get started. Start now. Little by little, you can help create a kinder world for everyone.

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