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Halloween in West Babylon

Here in West Babylon we had a great time celebrating Halloween! We started the day with a parade, which featured impressive costumes including Frank Sinatra, Indiana Jones, witches, candy corn, Kings in the Corner and more! After completing our march through the building we enjoyed live music, refreshments, and of course spooky stories. We even made our own witches brew!

Testimonial Video from Rose Guadagnino

Testimonial Video from Rose Guadagnino

“I lived alone in my house and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I had a fright one night because I thought I was having a heart attack and I called my son and he said hurry up – he got me one of those buzzers, fast alert or something. I called an ambulance and they came right away, took me to the hospital, but it wasn’t a heart attack, thank God. And I got so frightened, I said “that’s it, I’m not living alone anymore.”

So my daughter said “you know they’re building a Bristal in West Babylon.” I said “alright, I’ll look at it.” My daughter came and saw the floor plans, she said “this is going to be great for you.” And I took her advice and when it was built, I decided to move in, and I was the first one that arrived here.

It was such an honor to be the first one! I was really overwhelmed with the greetings, what a greeting they gave me when I walked in with my children! And I saw the room for the first time, I never saw my room, and I liked it, I liked it very much.

You’re gonna love it here because they are, really, the staff, everybody is just great. They are there to help you – always – they’re always there to help you. The programs they have are outstanding. We do so many things here, woodworking, jewelry making, I mean, it’s really, they keep you busy all day long so you never have time to do anything else! People tell me: “Why don’t you call me?” I say “I don’t have time!” I say “I’m in a different program every hour, ya know!” But it’s great, I enjoy it so much, and everybody else does, too.

I made so many friends, a lot of nice friends – they’re good people. And we’re all in the same boat, so, you know, there’s no competition or anything. I look forward to each day because I know something else is going to be happening that day for us. It’s really enjoyable, it’s very good living here. And I enjoy it very much, I like it.

I’m not lonely anymore. It was very, very hard being in my house all by myself, I didn’t like it. Who had to shop for me, I couldn’t drive anymore, and I said “that’s it, that’s it, I’m going to live in assisted living.” And I don’t regret it.

It was a good choice. I made the right choice, the right decision.”

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Grandparents Day in West Babylon

Here in West Babylon we had so much fun celebrating Grandparents Day! We created our very own miniature golf course for guests of all ages to enjoy! The DJ had us dancing, singing, hula hooping, getting low with limbo, and shaking it on the conga line. Face painting, tattoos, and popcorn were among the favorites of the little ones though. Thank you to all the families who came out and celebrated this special holiday with us!

West Babylon Trip to Fire Island

West Babylon residents took a trip over to Fire Island today! We enjoyed a beautiful lunch on the water in Ocean Beach followed by a walk around town and ice cream. From the weather, to the food and the friends we were with, it was a perfect afternoon. With just a few weeks left of summer, we are making sure we enjoy every last bit of the warm weather!

Testimonial Video from Irene Seidner

Testimonial Video from Irene Seidner

“My name is Irene Seidner. I live here at The Bristal in West Babylon.

My children, thank God, found this place, convinced me to come here. First I didn’t want to. I wanted to stay at home. But once I saw it, once I realized it’s for me, I came here, am very, very happy. Met wonderful, wonderful, wonderful friends. You know at this age our friends kind of fade away, but I got wonderful new friends.

I brought over a game called Kings in the Corner. I taught it to everyone here and we play it after breakfast for an hour and after lunch for an hour. I partake in everything. My friends and I go to everything. I go down in the morning at 7:30. I don’t come up to my room until six o’clock. I am down all day doing everything they have to offer us.

The staff – the staff is wonderful! I have never asked anything of anyone that I got a ‘no.’ The food is A1 and everyone is just very nice. We’re free to go wherever we want. The buses take us, they take us shopping and you can request if you want to go someplace, and maybe they get a group together. Oh and then we go for scenic rides which is very nice.

We feel like one big, big family. Life is good to me. And like I said this place, I thank God every day.

It means a new life, it means new friends, a whole new outlook.”

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Testimonial Video from Mario Caputo

Testimonial Video from Mario Caputo

“I am Mario Caputo and I live here at The Bristal.

Living here is very exciting and they treat you very good, and if you do need anything in a hurry they make sure they get to it.

My daughter comes practically every day and visits me because she’s only a few miles away. And we enjoy it here. There are no complaints, really. Of course, the hospitality is very good. It’s like a casino down in Atlantic City. I go down to the arts and crafts and I did a few things down there, which I forward to my grandson and granddaughter, and my daughter, what I made.

It’s enjoyable. And matter in fact, it still in enjoyable. The place is very clean, very clean, I gotta admit that. They keep the room very good, they come up once a week, change the sheets, and clean…better than I used to clean! But they are good, they’re very good.

The Bristal means freedom to me.”

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West Babylon Moon Chaser Trip

We are having such an amazing time enjoying this summer weather. This month we took a trip to the Great South Bay for a ride on the Moon Chaser. We enjoyed lunch as the boat drifted by the Fire Island Lighthouse. Whether we wanted to soak up the sun or take it easy inside, everyone was able to enjoy this relaxing day on the water!

Testimonial Video from Caroline Evangelista

Testimonial Video from Caroline Evangelista

“My name is Caroline Evangelista and I live at The Bristal.

I worked in Manhattan for The Hearst Corporation and I was Assistant to the President, so I did a lot of things, you know. I like it so I worked until I was 74 years old. I had an accident where I broke my heel and my shoulder, and so it was surgery, and I went to rehab for three and a half months, and then my family decided they didn’t want me to live alone anymore. So I decided to come here, and I think it, well I know it was the best decision I’ve made in a long time.

A couple of my friends had said “they’re putting Caroline in a nursing home?!” But when they come here, they can’t believe it – it’s not at all! If you need help, you get help, 24/7. If you don’t show up for breakfast, oh boy, they come to your room, they’ll come in, it’s unbelievable, it’s a great place. So I mean, we live here, but we really have a life.

I just planned a cruise to Bermuda in October. I go on cruises all the time. I just booked one the other day, ’cause I’m going on my cruises no matter what! So, I mean, it’s like you live here and you have assistance if you need it, which thank God so far I’m okay, but it’s really, you could do what you want, you know. You can go out, family, on the holidays I stay over. So it’s really a pretty good life.

They do everything for you here, and I mean everything. Since I’ve been here, I have made friends that you would not believe. They’re almost like lifelong friends, really and truly. It’s unbelievable.

First I said it’s like living in a hotel. But then someone said, “you know, it’s like being on a cruise.” You can eat, you’ve got three meals a day, all this going on, you’ve got the pool. We get entertainment all the time. It is, it’s like being on a cruise – that’s probably why I like it here!”

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West Babylon Fishing Trip

Here in West Babylon we have been loving this beautiful summer weather! This month we traveled down to Oak Beach where we went fishing off of the pier. One of our friends from the community volunteered his time by joining us on this fishing trip – helping us with equipment and teaching us everything we need to know about fishing! It was such a great day, we plan to go back in August for snapper fishing!

Testimonial Video from Annette Greene

Testimonial Video from Annette Greene

“I’m Annette Greene and I live here at The Bristal at West Babylon.

I lived in Florida for 19 years. But my husband was getting ill and I decided to come back here because my children live here. My husband passed away, I was too far from them, and I wanted to be closer. My children heard about this Bristal being built and she said, “would you like to take a look at it?” And I said “yes, I’m open to anything.”

I walked through the door. And as soon as I saw it, I fell in love with it.

I have a lot of friends here. We play cards, we are entertained. Which wasn’t the fact when I was living alone. I was in the apartment by myself. I didn’t feel alone, but there were times when you couldn’t go out. I couldn’t do anything, but here even if I can’t go out, there’s always someone around.

And the people here are wonderful. In fact the first night, when I was here, I was so busy during the day that I went upstairs and I barely couldn’t call my daughter, ’cause I call her every night. I said “Lisa, I can’t talk to you honey, I’m just too tired!” In fact, I have one friend, very close, and she calls me party girl because I tell her, “if you call me, you have to call me after after 6 o’clock” because I go down in the morning and I don’t come to my apartment until 6:30.

Every morning at 10 o’clock, they have what they call chair exercises. We do that, and now a lady has come in and she does Tai Chi in the chair. So I take advantage of that too. But I do walk a lot around the building after breakfast, after lunch. I make it my business to walk a lot.

I couldn’t ask for anything more in life. God has blessed me. I’m thankful for everything. Aches pains and whatever I don’t care. I don’t have to worry about anything. I know that there’s always someone there that will take care of me. And it just means friends, love, and safety – I know it. I just love it!”

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Kentucky Derby in West Babylon

Here in West Babylon, we had a great time celebrating the Kentucky Derby. Everyone wore their finest hats for our hat parade in the morning. After the parade we placed bets on the horses racing in the famous Kentucky Derby, then played our own horse racing game! The Bristal Derby would not have been complete, though, without some mint juleps and blondie bars!

West Babylon and Massapequa’s Hockey Competition

Today residents from Massapequa came to West Babylon to participate in our first ever floor hockey competition. We’ve been practicing all month! The competition included three rounds – the team that got the puck under the chair of the opposing team the most, won. West Babylon took the trophy this time, but they would be happy to meet with Massapequa any day of the week for a rematch!


Fun with Social Media Apps in West Babylon

Here in West Babylon, we spent the morning learning about social media apps and filters while enjoying the beautiful weather in our gazebo. We started with Snapchat and then took some photos using the Boomerang app. The residents loved learning about the new trends and how they can personally use their own iPads and cell phones to stay in touch with their children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren!