Alzheimer’s Day Care

The Help, Care and Flexibility You Need Can Be Found at Our Alzheimer’s Day Care Center

5If you are looking after a loved one who is showing early signs of Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease or some other memory-related impairment, the pressure to balance your life and their care can often be overwhelming. Perhaps you can no longer leave them at home for fear they may wander and forget their way back; fall down or hurt themselves and not know whom to call; or cook and leave the stovetop on. Maybe you are the spouse or the adult child, and you feel the task is stretching beyond your skills and limitations. Their care is affecting your job, or is stressing your health. Being a caretaker can greatly impact the entire family. The solution to taking care of all your basic needs, as well as your aging family member can be found here at our Alzheimer’s Day Care Program.

Our Alzheimer’s Day Care Center: The Same Proven Program – Now In a Day’s Stay

Participants in our Alzheimer Day Care Program located at The Bristal at East Northport receive the same exceptional, highly trained care as do all other Reflections Memory Care residents of The Bristal – the only difference with our Alzheimer’s Day Care Facility is they do not live there full time. You bring Mom or Dad in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon, which frees your day to handle everything else that goes on in your life.

4A typical day of Adult Day Care at Reflections will consist of lunch and a snack, full integration into the Reflections community, and participation in a program complete with exercises, interactions and therapeutic activities – all designed to enhance memory skills and improve quality of life. At our Day Care Center, participants engage with our loving staff of senior care experts; as well as benefiting from social stimulation with other residents; they are monitored for wellness throughout the day and are administered any scheduled medications they require; and, at all times, they feel safe, welcomed, purposeful and loved – exactly what they need most.

For More Information About Our Alzheimer’s Day Care Facility

To speak to someone regarding the Alzheimer’s Day Care Programs available in Reflections, or to learn more about The Bristal Reflections program as a whole, please contact one of the following communities:

Our Place Memory Café

Finding it difficult to go out socially as a primary care giver for a loved one facing memory loss? The Bristal Our Place Memory Café could be just the place for you! Learn more.