Through these trying times, we’re constantly reminded of the power of positivity, the importance of connection, and the determination of the community at large to support those around them. Residents, their families, and staff have been doing an amazing job of encouraging one another in so many different ways, and uplifting spirits along the way. Below you’ll find some of the highlights of the wonderful things happening in our communities during this time. Residents are staying active, staff are working tirelessly to provide exceptional care, and families are going above and beyond to thank the team. As complex as this situation has been for us all, it has been wonderful to observe the compassion, kindness, and strength shown by everyone in our community. Outstanding individuals create outstanding communities, and we’re firm believers in that.

Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, The Bristal Helping Hands in East Northport wanted to get to work crocheting blankets to donate to those who have been affected. We recently made a donation to the Huntington Hospital Volunteer Services Department, who will be distributing the blankets to those who are battling breast cancer. This month and every month we are so happy to be able to give back to our community.

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Did you know today is Camu Camu Day in Peru? This week the Food Service team across all of The Bristal communities are highlighting this unique berry by making Camu Camu smoothies! Check out the recipe below:⠀

Ingredients (serving size 6):⠀
3 cups Greek yogurt⠀
3 cups almond milk⠀
3 bananas frozen⠀
4 cups berries frozen (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, or mixed berries)⠀
2 cups beets cooked and frozen⠀
3 tsp chia seeds⠀
6 tsp camu camu powder⠀

1. Combine all ingredients in blender and blend until smooth.⠀
2. Add more ice if desired.

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Residents in Sayville took some time this week to show their appreciation for The Bristal Super Staff as well! Sweet notes, crafts, and handwritten cards were among the ways they said thank you to an amazing team of employees!

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Yesterday, Sam celebrated 10 years living at The Bristal at North Hills! He spent the afternoon reminiscing about all of the great times he has had, and made a point to share two words with his fellow residents, "get involved!" Over the past 10 years, Sam was Resident Council President for over 3 years, led the Yiddish Club for 5, and ran everyone's favorite Monday afternoon program, Unapologetic Point of View, for 7 years. Sam, thank you for choosing to be a part of The Bristal family and being so active! It is residents like you who make The Bristal communities the warm and vibrant environments that they are.⠀

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With Bob Marley playing in the background, Diane immersed herself in her knitting as she made scarves for her three daughters. She wanted to be sure they can stay warm when they come to visit her. What a relaxing way to spend the afternoon!⠀

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This week is National Assisted Living Week and we are proudly honoring our outstanding team members! The theme this year is "Caring is EssentiAL" and it recognizes the vital role assisted living employees play in the lives of residents and their loved ones. Employees in Somerset were surprised with a Mister Softee ice cream truck earlier this week. It was a perfect afternoon treat to show the team how appreciated they truly are! If you would like to send your own thank you message to The Bristal team, visit:⠀

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As we welcome the first residents home to The Bristal at Mount Sinai, we are setting the tone for an active and flourishing community with daily creative programs and events. Paired with socially-distanced good company, we really couldn't ask for much more!⠀

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Residents at The Bristal at Englewood participated in an interpretive dancing group, socially distanced of course! While their smiles may have been hidden by masks, their joy was evident as they personalized their movements to the music.⠀

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Mr. Wilk, resident at The Bristal at White Plains, celebrated his 102nd birthday yesterday! The festivities looked a little different this year due to social-distancing requirements, but the celebration was no less special. Family members sang through the window, and employees went above and beyond to decorate and prepare all his favorite treats. Mr. Wilk definitely felt the love and we wish him the happiest birthday!⠀

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We may not be able to get a tournament going, but we are happy to utilize some of our common spaces again (while social distancing of course)! Residents at The Bristal at Wayne are staying in the air conditioning this week and working on fine tuning their break and bank shots!⠀

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Natalie, an accomplished seamstress and a resident at The Bristal at Englewood, enjoys spending time in our Creative Arts Studio. Her latest project was a colorful handbag for her daughter! #thebristal #thebristalatenglewood #assistedliving #stayingactive #englewood ...

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Our staff are the heart and soul of The Bristal Assisted Living, and we are so proud of the excellent care they deliver to residents daily. We are grateful when others take the time to recognize their compassion and professionalism too! #thebristal #thebristalassistedliving #assistedliving #thanktheteam #outstandingindividuals #superstaff ...

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