Our Guiding Principle: Mission and Vision

When you know better, you do better; or so the saying goes. This simple though vital perspective could not apply more to our overall health and well-being. Healthwise 360° is an innovative multidisciplinary initiative we have launched at The Bristal to encourage our residents to do just that — to consider adopting wiser, healthier, fuller habits of living. At The Bristal, this is Our Guiding Principle.


PoolHealthwise 360° looks at the body, mind and spirit as one unified, interrelated system, and it helps residents understand that healthier eating, more consistent exercise, increased recreation, deeper spiritual awareness, greater social interaction and continued education all lead to a more robust and well-rounded life — especially at advanced ages. The Bristal offers multiple programs and services to make this commitment a reality. Our goal? To keep residents of The Bristal engaged, enriched and enlightened about life, excited and invested in an ever-evolving sense of place, pursuit and purpose. In short, Healthwise 360° promotes better fitness, greater fulfillment and healthier, happier lifestyles — helping residents live better in every way.

Our Mission

To ensure residents experience the absolute finest in Assisted Living today — by providing extraordinary accommodations, delivering expert care and support, as well as ensuring a lifestyle that is healthy and active, abundant in dignity and grace.

Our Vision

To challenge every preconceived notion of what Assisted Living is — by creating an environment so uniquely loving, so rich in genuine compassion and so driven by exceptional senior living, that residents and loved ones fully embrace our communities as home.