Malnutrition Among Senior Citizens

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Signs of MalnutritionMalnutrition among senior citizens is on the rise in the US. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, there were 3.7 million seniors who were diagnosed with malnutrition. A Place for Mom published this thorough list of causes & warning signs to help protect your senior loved ones.

Causes of Malnutrition in Seniors

• Lack of interest in cooking

• Living alone and eating for one

• Changing taste buds

• Medication side-effects that suppress appetite or create bitter tastes

• Restricted diets such as low sodium or low fat diets

• Preferring to drink alcohol over eating

• Trouble swallowing

• Trouble chewing due to sore gums or poor dental health

• Limited income to buy nutritious food

• Expensive medications leave little room for food

• Lack of mobility – unable to get to the store

• Depression and dementia

Senior Malnutrition Prevention Checklist

• Check the refrigerator and observe eating habits.

• Watch for health changes and fluctuation in weight.

• Encourage foods rich in the 5 key vitamins and nutrients.

• Boost hydration with 9 glasses of water a day.

Ways to Help

• Buy and prepare foods packed with nutrients.

• Restore life to bland food.

• Encourage snacking.

• Get a check up from a physician.

• Visit a registered dietician.

• Encourage supplements.

• Check the pantry & refrigerator.

• Encourage drinking water.

• Discourage alcohol.

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