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Testimonial from The Selig Family

May 11, 2019

Selig Family Testimonial - WP

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Laureen Kelly, Executive Director
The Bristal at White Plains
305 North Street
White Plains, NY 10605

Dear Laureen,

The Selig family would like to thank everyone at The Bristal for welcoming Richard into your family. We began our search for assisted living earlier this year, and, when we arrived at your White Plains location, we knew we had found the right place. Not only was it beautiful to the eye, but it was also staffed with truly caring and warm individuals many of whom we got the pleasure of knowing·.

Upon arriving, we were greeted by Tony who was consistently helpful with not only your car, but your belongings and your loved ones too – he always had time for a kind word. Eugenia, at the front desk, was warm and welcoming with her wonderful personality and big smile. She put a friendly face to The Bristal at White Plains! Patrice, from Community Relations, was just wonderful guiding us through the process of signing Richard on as a new resident. She had an amazing apartment available for him and went above and beyond helping us get his new home ready! Such a sweet and caring person. Jordan, Director of Resident Relations, was always there to help with any questions/concerns which we may have had. He was accessible, professional, thoughtful and caring in his position. Wynter, from The Wellness Center, did an incredible job keeping track of the medical needs of the residents. As Richards’ medication needs changed frequently, it was important to communicate regularly. She and the nurses and aides did an amazing job looking after him. There were many other staff members who were equally as wonderful and deserve recognition including Orlando, Frank, Dominick, Stephanie, the dining room staff, and housekeeping. Your care for the residents came first – that was evident.

We also found White Plains Hospital and their physicians to be first rate. Having The Bristal in this location gave Richard access to the best medical care around.

Thank you for all that you do. Your STAFF is what makes this a special place.

Meg· and Richard Selig

Valentine’s Day in White Plains

Here in White Plains, we had a beautiful Valentine’s Day! Executive Director, Laureen Kelly, was pleased to start her Valentine’s Day by receiving a box of chocolates from resident Walter. The love continued to spread throughout the community when Brownie Troop 2941 visited. The girls gave a musical performance, mingled with the residents, and handed out some hand-made Valentine’s cookies and gifts to the residents. We all had a great time. Happy Valentine’s Day from The Bristal at White Plains!

Gardening Club in White Plains

Here in White Plains, our garden is truly flourishing! Residents have been tending to the growing garden, and our chef has actually began using the basil and other herbs in our meals. In addition to the fresh herbs, our tomatoes and cucumbers are rapidly growing. We love having the opportunity to eat food that we have grown ourselves – talk about farm to table!

Balance Bar Class in White Plains

Here in White Plains we spent the afternoon working on our core strength! We were lucky to have a special guest come in and hold a balance bar class. It was a great way to work on balance, coordination, and strengthening our muscles – all with the guidance of an expert. We may not be professional ballerinas but we certainly had a good time!

Tropical Day in White Plains

Here in White Plains, we are patiently waiting for the summer weather. To hold us over, we decided to bring the Caribbean Islands to our community with a Tropical Party. We danced to the sounds of the islands with iLan’ Ban’ as we enjoyed all of the best vacation drinks and snacks. The bright smiles and vibrant colors were enough to really bring the sun out!

New Year’s Eve in White Plains

Happy New Year from The Bristal at White Plains! This year we celebrated New Year’s Eve the good old fashioned way – with friends, delicious food and drinks, and of course wearing our best party hat! We also took the time to toast to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2018. We are so excited to see what this new year has in store for us!

The Bristal “Lights the World in Teal” with the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America

On Wednesday, November 8th, The Bristal joined landmarks all across the world in lighting up teal to show support for the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (AFA), and their Light the World in Teal campaign. This annual campaign is held during the month of November for Alzheimer’s awareness month. Residents and employees came together to show their support by not only lighting their buildings in teal, but by participating in different themed programs. Residents took part in activities including an interactive strings attached trivia game on brain health, and an Alzheimer’s awareness parade.  The Bristal was proud to be a part of this worldwide effort.

Valentine’s Day in White Plains

Here in White Plains, Valentine’s Day was all about spending time with those we love. Everyone wore their pink or red in honor of the holiday, and friends and family came to visit. We had a special ‘heart to heart’ dinner, followed by a magical musical evening with David Podles, who played all of our favorite love songs. While we danced, everyone enjoyed chocolate covered strawberries and champagne. Everyone had a wonderful time!