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Holiday Luncheon at The Swan Club

A few of The Bristal communities headed out to enjoy a holiday luncheon at The Swan Club. Not only do we enjoy going out for a meal with our friends, but it’s always great to meet new friends from nearby communities! After lunch, we enjoyed a little dancing before heading home.

Testimonial from Blossom Grimm – Holiday Party

Testimonial by Blossom Grimm

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Holiday Party

What a holiday party we had. Since I have been living at the Bristal in Westbury, I have found a new and wonderful life. Nick our director sure knows how to run an Assisted Living, the likes of which I have never seen before. But our Holiday Party really topped the cake. I had such a wonderful time, that I am almost speechless, which doesn’t happen too often. Blossom (that is me) likes to speak up, both positive and negative when necessary, but this party was by far the best.

When I spoke with Nick, I asked how they the Bristal staff got everything done so fast and so efficient to give us the greatest time. Us being – the residents, our family and other guests. I asked Nick how he does it, and he answered WE WORK AS A TEAM. Yvette, our AA, who looked as gorgeous as ever, was just every where doing everything, Susan in Marketing, well I hardly saw her all day as well. It seemed every one was always doing something. The last time I saw Tracy, she was moving tables and chairs. Kim was so busy, she was all over the place doing something. Colleen from reflections was moving tables, and putting up decorations and going from one thing to another.

Ann from recreation and Carol and Elizabeth, well they beat the band, blowing up probably 500 balloons and a couple of residents pitched in and placed them where we were told to put them, plus Ann was adding decorations to various parts of the building adding festivity to the party, and I saw Elizabeth helping watch after the residents, and Carol was right there with Anne, working as a team, Josephine from Housekeeping and Al from maintenance and their teams were moving furniture and it seemed like 1,2,3, all was ready.

But most of all with out Paul the Chef and his staff and Handsome Rob, (later in his Tux), were getting the FOOD and drinks ready for the guests.

It seemed like every one was WORKING AS A TEAM, and they were.

The music was awesome and I had the greatest time of my life. I am grateful to be a part of the Bristal at Westbury and Nick knows I would go to the ends of the earth for this place (my home).
For all those who didn’t and couldn’t come, make sure you make it next time cause Nick knows how to throw a party and MAN WHAT A STAFF HE HAS.

Blossom Grimm


P.S. Lets not forget all the employees who helped make this party so successful – they are all great

Westbury’s Holiday Party 2013

We all enjoyed our Holiday Party here in Westbury this year. Family and friends joined us for dinner, drinks and dancing. Chef Paul and his culinary team created some amazing dishes that we all got to enjoy. The decor was gorgeous, and it really got us in the holiday spirit! Thank you to everyone who made our Holiday Party so wonderful.

Testimonial from Sandy Sedlis

Testimonial by Sandy Sedlis

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Dear Nick,

My mom, Estelle Gordon, moved into the reflections unit of the Bristal, in May 2012, a few months after my dad passed away. Things ran very smoothly for quite some time. She had a full time aide during the day (Marva), except on weekends.

There came a time (January 2013), where it became necessary for us to let Marva go. It wasn’t long after that, that we began to hear complaints about my mom—she was angry, moody, and becoming physical with the staff and residents alike. We (her family) never saw any of this behavior, but we continued to hear it (mostly from one member of the staff).

As time went by, we began to notice a total change in our mom. She was lethargic, and had a glazed look in her eyes—almost as if she had a stroke. We were told that she was being seen by a psychiatrist, and was being medicated (Risperdal), to try and control her behavior.

Thankfully, and I am not sure when, Colleen Jones was brought in as the recreation director. What a breath of fresh air! Her way with the staff, residents, and family was not like anything we’d seen before. It became apparent that things were about to change for the best.

Not long after, she was promoted to Director of Reflections. What a turnaround for our mom. She is no longer on Risperdal, or anything else like it. We got our mom back!!

I can’t thank you enough for bringing Colleen Jones into the Bristal family. She has turned the unit into a friendly and relaxed place, where the welcome mat is always out. You can see it on the faces of the staff, and residents, too. They love being there, and so do we.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you for Colleen Jones. She is a gift!

Sincerely yours,

Sandy Sedlis

Westbury’s Hanukkah Celebration 2013

We celebrated the first night of Hanukkah on Wednesday in Westbury. There was a party in the afternoon where we all enjoyed latkes with sour cream and apple sauce. The recreation staff handed out chocolate gelt to the residents as they do every year. After the party, our very own Rabbi Stan officiated the lighting of the menorah with his fellow residents gathered around. Happy Hanukkah from all of us here in Westbury!

Westbury Residents at Empire City Casino

Westbury residents set out for a day trip to the Empire City Casino in Yonkers. It was a beautiful, sunny day, so a few of us wandered onto the patio to get some fresh air out next to the race track. The casino boasts over 5,300 slot machines, so there’s something for everyone. Almost every one of us came home a winner, which always makes a trip to the casino a little nicer! The real fun was spending time with friends.

Aloha Dance Troupe Performance in Westbury

Westbury residents enjoyed quite a show from the Aloha Dance Troupe. We started the afternoon with Apple Margaritas at Happy Hour. After we finished up our refreshments, we enjoyed dances from around the world, performed by the Aloha Dance Troupe. They even got some of us up to dance with them!

Westbury’s Knit and Crochet Club

The Knit and Crochet Club in Westbury meets regularly to work on different projects – most of which center around charitable works. These pictures show the club teaching nursing interns how to knit and purl. The project that they are currently working on is making lap robes for juvenile cancer patients, which they will donate to the local hospital.

Last December, the Knit and Crochet Club presented their works to The National Council of Jewish Women, who in turn donated to local hospitals and the Hempstead Inn. Click here to see pictures from last year’s event.

Testimonial from Blossom Grimm

Testimonial by Blossom Grimm

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Dear Nick

While my mind is still fresh I need to tell you. Also I am a fairly new resident, and my body and mind are growing after a day like today, I feel 10 years younger. Thanks to Anne and the entire staff at Bristal Westbury, today was marvelous. This party, food, costumes, you and again Anne, was the best Halloween I have had including making friends with a delightful man named ‘Joe’. I cannot find enough good words to thank you and I pray that G-d will be good to me and let me spend the rest of my life here—

G-d bless all, particularly Anne—

Blossom Grimm S.

Testimonial from Linda Lipani

Testimonial by Linda Lipani

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Thank You

Dear Nick,

This past Sunday, Oct. 6, 2013, I had the pleasure of attending the lovely barbecue sponsored by the Bristal in the Reflections Unit. My mom, Elia, has been living there since January and although the adjustment was a long process for her, she is well and thriving.

I would like to take this opportunity to commend the magnificent work done by the wonderful staff of Reflections led by Colleen Jones. It is evident that my mom is receiving excellent care provided by a staff of dedicated and gentle, true professionals. The peace of mind that this affords my family is priceless.

May God bless the Reflections staff of the Bristal for all the work that they do in caring for those in such great need during a very trying part of their lives.

Thank you for your leadership and commitment to excellence that is so obvious at the Bristal,

Linda Lipani

Testimonial from Blossom Grimm Silverstein

Testimonial by Blossom Grimm Silverstein

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I would like to bring to your attention a compliment, not a complaint. Usually when a letter is written to the Executive Director, it is not nice, but I feel that there are certain employees that you should be aware of.

First of all, with out Al Spisito and his staff, I would be sitting here and crying. The assistance in all instances, particularly one, that come from Environmental Services (that is Al and his staff) with my new TV and DVD player and the problems I had, (someone did half the job and left me hanging- and did not come back to finish the work required) I do not know what I would have done to get the job finished. These things mean a lot to me and the caring and concern from Al and Staff were just the utmost in caring.

I cannot begin to thank them, so I felt that you as director should be aware not of only complaints but good stuff as well. They are just super and caring.

As to Housekeeping with Josephine (who is just priceless) and Anne and her staff (recreation (they keep my day full, excited and stimulating (all of the gals, particularly with “Kings in the Corner” and “Black Jack”, and Howard with services on Friday and the other programs he runs as well.

I know that the front desk is run very well, and that with Tracy, Susan, Paul and Rob this is a wonderful place to live and that I am very happy and most of all cause they show my room and I hope that brings in prespective Residents. Again my hat is off to Al. But most of all to you!!!!

Also Kim, Yvette and Paul and Susan Mucci

All the aids and complete staff

Blossom Grimm Silverstein

Testimonial from Don

Testimonial by Don

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June 17, 2013

Dear Nick,

As the one-year anniversary of my Dad’s death approaches I find myself thinking more and more about his passing, the couple of difficult months leading up to his death, but also about the couple of very pleasant years he spent at the Bristal.

Unfortunately we usually only take the time to write when we have a complaint but I wanted to change that and take this opportunity voice praise. Whether it was the staff of the recreation group, dining/kitchen, housekeeping or wellness, my Dad was always treated with respect, kindness and compassion — and I know that was not always easy as he (and 1 am sure many of the residents) could be difficult to deal with!

I wish it could have lasted much longer, but I am glad he was able to spend a couple of years in the Bristal environment with all the wonderful people who worked there. Whenever I am asked about your place, I have nothing but great things to say about it.

With Warmest Regards,


Testimonial from Roberta & Jay

Testimonial by Roberta and Jay

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Dear Nick and staff,

Mom lived the last part of her life with you at the Bristal and we know she enjoyed herself. She always said everyone was so thoughtful and kind to her. Thank you for taking such good care of her. She felt that the Bristal was home, and everyone was her friend.

You should be very proud of yourselves. To all of you, you have our gratitude and thanks. The family of Ida Zipikis—

Roberta and Jay

Testimonial from the Family of Marguerite Klahn

Testimonial by the Family of Marguerite Klahn

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March 23, 2013

Dear Nick,

We extend our sincerest thanks and deepest gratitude to your incredible staff for their care, concern and support during the illness of our Mom, Marguerite Klahn.

Our Mom moved into your facility five years ago. She enjoyed having her own apartment, living independently with supervision, and making new friends. Your staff recognized and respected her need for privacy, and her unending desire to help others. We are very grateful for the kindness and care given by your staff, which enabled her to have a wonderful quality of life.

Following her hospitalization in October, we were grateful that she could return to The Bristal to receive hospice care. Our thanks to you personally for assisting us during some difficult moments in her initial stages of hospice care. We extend our deepest and heartfelt thanks to your amazing staff for their care, concern and support during the difficult final months of our Mom’s life. We wish we could list the name of each individually, however, they should know that their smiling faces and concern will be always be remembered. To the front desk, kitchen and housekeeping staff, who always asked how our Mom was doing – thank you for your concern. Our special thanks to your amazing staff in Wellness – Doris, Marguerite, Jeannette, Cardella and Josephine. Their professionalism, the quality of their care, and their concern for our Mom was incredible and greatly appreciated. When Mom was well she enjoyed interacting with all of you. When she became ill, your visits were extra special, your smiles, and caring touch gave her, and us, great solace. Words do not adequately express our appreciation and gratitude to each of you.

We feel blessed that our Mom spent her final years and days with such special people, who approach their work with devotion, dedication and with giving hearts. God bless each and every one of you. You do incredible work and give unselfishly. You became tike family to us, and we will miss you! Thank you.
With sincere gratitude and respect.

The Family of Marguerite Klahn

Testimonial from Rosemary and Joe Skowronski

Testimonial by Rosemary and Joe Skowronski Family of James Lombardo

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March 22, 2013

To our Bristal Family.

It has been almost 4 years since my mom and dad made the decision to reside at the Bristal @ Westbury. During this time my parents enjoyed the homey feel of their suite, the convenience of deliciously and carefully prepared meals, but most of all the freedom from worry about daily chores and responsibilities. Happily, this became their new home.

With the passing of time, my mother’s health and mental state deteriorated steadily. It was during this time that dad and I were so grateful for the compassion and caring of the entire staff at the facility. Although my mom suffered from Alzheimer’s she was always treated with dignity and love, greeted with a warm and comforting smile and encouraged to sing, talk and laugh.

When my mom returned to the Bristal after a 3 week long hospital stay I did all that was humanly possible to make sure that my parents were reunited one last time. The day finally came when my mom came back to be with dad. It was due to the compassion and dedication to the residents that the administration made this decision. Three weeks later mom passed peacefully with dad at her side.

In the days that followed, my dad tried to fill the emptiness in his heart buy spending time with the dear friends that were now a part of his everyday life. Everyone was so kind and loving to dad, It provided him with the strength to go on.

It is with great sadness that my dad has had to leave the Bristal. His declining health and inability to ambulate has dictated the move. He can no longer move around on his own and experiences severe pain and weakness just standing. He fondly remembers the days he spent at the Bristal, the wonderful friendships that were forged, and the happiness that he and my mom had right to the end.

Thank you for all you have done for my parents, I will be forever grateful to the entire staff that was a part of my parent’s everyday life, satisfying their needs, and never becoming impatient with their wants or requests. Please pass this message of gratitude to all staff members.

I would like to especially mention my dealings with Tracy, Kimberly and Nicholas who made this move smoother than expected but not without sadness.

With love and gratitude,

Rosemary and Joe Skowronski Family of James Lombardo