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Westbury Residents Visit the Brookhaven Wildlife Center

Residents from The Bristal at Westbury took their annual summer trip over to the Brookhaven Wildlife Center, the non-for profit program that supports the costs of feed and veterinary care for the animals living at the Town of Brookhaven’s Holtsville Ecology Site. This is one of our favorite trips to take because not only are we able to spend a day in the sun supporting this great program, but we get to see a wide variety of animals from bald eagles to mountain lions, donkeys to goats, and even bobcats to bears! We had such a nice time wandering the grounds, feeding the goats and learning about all of the animals. We are already looking forward to visiting again next year!


Testimonial from Michele McGrath


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Dear Susan,

I just wanted to send a letter regarding my mother’s stay there until the date of her passing on April 7, 2015. When I first came to the Bristal in Westbury, it immediately became my #1 choice for Mom. It was beautiful, not to mention clean and cheerful, and there were so many activities and sitting areas as well as a beautiful dining room for the daily meals. I was so very impressed by how the entire building is so well maintained – I’ve never seen anything like it. I would bet that place could pass the white-glove test! I would like to thank everyone there from the bottom of my heart for making my mother’s final months a truly beautiful experience. While everyone (and I do mean everyone) at the Bristal, from the Handymen, to the Exec. Director, were all over the top wonderful, always smiling and always willing to help in any circumstances, there are a few I would like to give special thanks to.

The first person I met was “O.C”, who was seated at the reception desk in the lobby. Although I was there after hours, this wonderful person did everything he could to help me arrange a meeting – he even gave me brochures he had on hand of the beautiful assisted living accommodations. This man single-handedly gave the Bristal the appearance of being on “the Love Boat”. Always smiling, always friendly, and I can go on and on. When I would see him there, it just reminded me every time that my mother was in good hands and living among people who truly cared about her.

I then met Susan Mucci, who was responsible for getting my mother all signed up. She definitely made the process much easier, and she was always a pleasure to deal with. While with Susan I then met Colleen Jones – also a wonderful person who assured me that Mom was going to be well taken care of. And she was true to her word.

On many occasions, Mom had to visit the Wellness Dept. What a terrific crew you have over there as well. While everyone was equally great, Jamie and Vanessa were the ones we most often dealt with. They kept me informed every step of the way any time my mom had a medical issue. And there were many. My mother loved them both, and again, I wish to thank them from the bottom of my heart for their concern and for taking such good care of Mom.

Unfortunately, Mom passed away without much warning. She would go up and down, but she always came back. This time that didn’t happen. I had to go to the Bristal to wrap things up, and everyone cried with me. What a feeling. I must commend your entire staff for the wonderful atmosphere they create as well as the care they provide for the residents. It truly is like one big family… if you didn’t know who the employees were, you would swear they were family members; that’s how well everyone got along. I only wish my mother had moved there sooner. Please feel free to use my as a reference at any time.

With my most sincere gratitude,

Michele McGrath

American Airpower Museum 2015

Each year, residents from The Bristal Assisted Living communities gather at The American Airpower Museum to kick off Memorial Day Weekend. The Long Island communities were joined this year by a group of dedicated folks from White Plains! Everyone was treated to a delicious lunch, including the museum guests for the day. We enjoyed sandwich platters, chips, cookies, and hot dogs straight from the cart. The Bay City Ramblers performed for us inside the hangar, and many residents spent the afternoon just dancing away to the patriotic songs that they played.

We were honored to have over 50 Veterans from The Bristal in attendance – both residents AND staff! Everyone had a wonderful time after lunch strolling around the hangar and museum – as well as going outside the hangar to enjoy the old planes and the sunshine. Our day at the American Airpower Museum is always such a wonderful way to start our Memorial Day Weekend.

Westbury Residents Visit the Daniel Kissam House

A group of residents from The Bristal at Westbury took a trip up to Huntington Village to take a tour of the Dr. Daniel Kissam House Museum. The house was built in 1795 and first occupied by Dr. Daniel Kissam, a physician from Oyster Bay, and his family of 14 children. We had a wonderful time exploring the old house, the barns and the beautiful grounds.

Westbury’s Garden Club Starts This Year’s Crop

The Garden Club at The Bristal in Westbury flourishes! With the help of Dining Room Manager Rob, the Westbury farmers are hard at work. Now that the lettuce crop is doing so well, it is time to put in the tomatoes. By the looks of these pictures, you can see how the success of this garden keeps everyone so motivated! All of the residents are highly enthusiastic. We can’t wait for the next batch of fresh veggies!

Westbury Celebrates Gilly’s Fourth Birthday

Everyone had a fantastic time at The Bristal at Westbury throwing a birthday party for their beloved therapy dog, Gilly!  The residents always enjoy celebrating with Gilly, especially because she has been visiting since she was only three months old.  For her fourth birthday this year, we had the pleasure of giving her an exciting Princess party with toys, treats and even a special hamburger cake! We always look forward to spending time with Gilly and we were very happy to be able to celebrate with her. Happy Birthday Princess Gilly!

St. Patrick’s Day in Westbury

Everyone had a wonderful time here in Westbury on St. Patrick’s Day. We enjoyed an afternoon of live entertainment, as well as a special luncheon of traditional Irish fare including corned beef, cabbage, and Irish soda bread. We danced the afternoon away, and absolutely loved spending the day with friends. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Westbury’s Ceramics Painting Class

We recently held our first Ceramics Painting Class here in Westbury. Cathy from Mom’s Ceramics in Massapequa came for an on-site tutorial. The class started out with a simple object to paint, and Cathy was a wonderful teacher. Everyone enjoyed the project and were very proud of their results. We hope to have Cathy back again sometime soon!

Fashion Show in Westbury

We held an amazing Fashion Show here in Westbury. Our resident models wore the latest trends from Fashion on Wheels and were escorted down the runway by Dining Room Manager Rob and his assistant, Robert. Our models did an amazing job – and had fun doing it!

Westbury’s Super Bowl Party

We all gathered together in the Bistro to watch the 2015 Super Bowl here in Westbury. We snacked on salads, chips and heroes. It didn’t even matter who won or lost because we were having so much fun!

Westbury Residents Visit Planting Fields Arboretum

On a cold afternoon, Westbury residents warmed up in the greenhouse at the Planting Fields Arboretum in Oyster Bay and enjoyed the poinsettia arrangements. As in past years, the display did not disappoint! We’re looking forward to our next visit in the spring.

New Year’s Eve in Westbury

We all had a great time here in Westbury on New Year’s Eve. It was a perfect evening, complete with live entertainment and dancing. We toasted to friends – old and new. We’re looking forward to what 2015 has in store for all of us! Happy New Year!

Best of Senior Living Awards from

The Bristal at Lynbrook, The Bristal at North Hills, The Bristal at North Woodmere and The Bristal at Westbury All Receive 2015 Best of Senior Living Awards from


The Bristal Assisted Living is honored to have four of our locations recognized by as 2015 Best of Senior Living Award recipients: The Bristal at Lynbrook, The Bristal at North Hills, The Bristal at North Woodmere and The Bristal at Westbury. We are truly grateful to our residents and their families who have consistently provided us with incredibly positive feedback which reinforces our commitment to provide the best in senior living. is one of the nation’s top sites for senior care services ratings and reviews. This ranking places The Bristal in the top one percent of senior care providers throughout the nation. We are proud that our communities in Lynbrook, North Hills, North Woodmere and Westbury each have ratings above 4.5 stars as well as the great support from our residents and their families that qualified us for this honor.

Online reviews are extremely important in helping families make informed decisions for their loved ones in terms of the best senior care options. In a study completed by and A Place For Mom, families are over 100% more likely to choose a 5-star community over a community with no reviews at all. We are happy to instill confidence in families searching for the best assisted living care, including Alzheimer’s care, that The Bristal is the best choice for their loved ones.

To Executive Director John Giordano and his team in Lynbrook, Executive Director Kimberly Bent and her team in North Hills, Executive Director Melanie Scharfenberger and her team in North Woodmere and Executive Director Susan Veneziano and her team in Westbury: Congratulations on the well-deserved honor of being awarded Best of Senior Living 2015 by!

Westbury is Spreading Holiday Cheer

We’re spreading the holiday cheer here in Westbury. We started by trimming the tree and decorating the lobby. Everyone pitched in to make it just perfect. We even enjoyed singing our favorite carols together. Our Executive Director, Susan Veneziano, put the star on the tree as the final touch. Residents also gathered to create beautiful holiday wreaths out of bits of rolled paper. These wreaths are sure to spread even more cheer, hanging as decorations on our front doors.

Halloween in Westbury

We had so much fun at our Halloween Party here in Westbury. We all dressed up in creative costumes. There was a gnome, an elf, a warrior, angels, a fish, and a deck of cards among many others! Lots of the costumes were hand made here at The Bristal, adding to the excitement the week leading up to Halloween. Happy Halloween from all of us here in Westbury.