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Testimonial From Helen Orlando

To whom it may concern:

All to often, especially these days, people complain about how a job is being done, how they are not being treated fairly, or jobs are not being taken care of quickly enough. I’m writing this letter today because I think it’s so important when someone is doing an incredible job that it should be acknowledged and commended. That is the case with Marion Murphy.

My mom, Elaine Mirzoeff, has been at the Bristal in Westbury for approximately 8 years. She hasn’t been easy to deal with for various reasons. Marion has taken the time to get to know my mom, has dealt with her in a professional, kind and sympathetic way. Marion also worked with me closely to try and remedy some very sensitive issues, and in the end with Marion’s guidance & support, we were successful. It took months … but the end result is truly amazing.

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It’s obvious that not only does Marion love the work that she does, she really cares, not just for my mom, for all the residents at the Bristal (I’ve seen her in action). She wants to see the residents happy, listen to their stories about their life experiences … she realizes there is a lot to learn just by listening. Marion is sharp, sincere, a wonderful nurse and truly second to none.

In closing, I’d like to say that Marion is indeed an employee of the Bristal that should be praised.

Helen Orlando

Westbury Residents Visit the Shrine of Our Lady of the Island

Residents from The Bristal at Westbury made their annual trip to the beautiful “Shrine of Our Lady of the Island” in Eastport. The day was bright and sunny – perfect for the tram ride through the entire park. This trip means something different to each of us, and we each take away something different from it. But we all came home feeling tranquil and with a deep appreciation of the lovely grounds.

Westbury Residents Visit the Brookhaven Wildlife and Ecology Center

Residents from The Bristal at Westbury always enjoy their trips to the Brookhaven Wildlife and Ecology Center Animal Preserve in Holtsville. It is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon, especially when the weather is so gorgeous! The containment areas for the animals mimic their natural habitat and they all look pretty content in their homes. Our group had an early lunch so that we could be sure to arrive before the bears retire for the day, which is at 2:00. We enjoyed feeding the goats, seeing the Bald Eagles and strolling the park with friends.

Baseball Celebration in Westbury

In celebration of the beginning of baseball season, The Bristal at Westbury held an exciting Baseball Party. Residents and staff put on their ball caps and favorite jerseys and enjoyed all of their favorite stadium treats. Chef Rob made everything you would expect to eat at the ballpark – from pretzels to hot dogs to of course, peanuts and cracker jacks! There was even an ice cream bar with all different flavors and toppings for everyone to make their own sundaes. We had such a blast celebrating together that we can’t wait until next year to do it again!

Testimonial from Risa

Dear Ms. McKeon,

Westbury Testimonial

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I am writing to you to acknowledge the excellent Wellness Staff at the Bristal Westbury, where my mother, Rhoda Fruchter is a resident.

After her surgery, she came back to the Bristal; her home, where everything is familiar and where people care about her and her well-being. This was the absolute best decision for her. Colleen and her staff took excellent care of her. I met with Colleen several times during my mom’s recovery to discuss her progress and we altered her care level accordingly. Her staff provided everything that she needed and did so with kindness and patience. And, they continue to do so.

Thank you for providing such excellent staff!

Helping Hands Volunteers from Westbury Donate Handmade Knit Items

Every year, the Helping Hands Community Volunteers in Westbury knit and crochet hundreds of scarves, hats and blankets, and then donate them to charity. The volunteers make the items in their spare time, and then they invite the National Council Of Jewish Women in to collect the goods. They hold a tea party with the council, and everyone helps to package up the items throughout the day. The National Council of Jewish Women serves as the liaison between the volunteers and those in need. This year, the hats and scarves are going to the Hempstead Inn and the blankets will go to juvenile cancer patients who will use them during their treatments. Every single stitch is made with love and we attach little tags saying so. It makes us all feel so good to give back to our community and those in need.

Holiday Fun in Westbury

This season, we made sure to create all kinds of holiday fun here in Westbury! We started the month off by trimming the tree together in the lobby, and enjoyed holiday cookies, eggnog, and a festive sing-along. We also did some holiday projects throughout the month with the craft group. Residents also had a terrific evening together at our annual holiday party. Happy holidays from all of us here in Westbury.

Hofstra Students Visit Westbury Residents

Each year, residents in Westbury invite Hofstra students in for the day. The students spend time interviewing residents on all sorts of topics, like careers, technology, or family. The topics always evolve as the conversations go on. It is a wonderful way for both generations to learn something new, and grow from the knowledge that each of them possess. Both the students and the residents always enjoy these pleasant exchanges.

Westbury’s Halloween Celebration

During the week leading up to Halloween, a large pumpkin was put on display with a notice that each resident may have one guess as to how many seeds were inside. The guesses ran from 6 to 1,000,000! On Halloween, the great pumpkin seed contest winner was announced! When the pumpkin was opened, residents each took a scoop of the inside, and helped put the seeds into piles of 10. The final tally was 642. Catherine was the winner with a guess of 625 seeds. Of course, we all got dressed up and enjoyed a parade of costumes. We hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween!

Westbury Residents at The Walk to End Alzheimer’s

Residents from Westbury headed out to Belmont Lake State Park to participate in the 2015 Walk to End Alzheimer’s. Leading up to the walk, staff and residents did their own personal fundraising for Team Westbury, and altogether, they raised just over $7,000! All of the funds that were raised before and during the walk were donated to support the research and care efforts of The Alzheimer’s Association.

Westbury Residents at Bar Beach

Residents from Westbury are taking full advantage of the Funday Monday program at Bar Beach in Port Washington. The summer has been full of dancing to live music, checking out the classic cars, having picnic lunches, playing cards and just enjoying the fresh air and sunshine! The Bristal Assisted Living was proud to sponsor the program this year, which is free to all area seniors.

Rainforest Butterfly Presentation in Westbury

Steve Fratello came to The Bristal at Westbury and brought his Rainforest Butterfly presentation to the residents. Steve was a leading contributor to the Smithsonian butterfly exhibit and talked about his many expeditions to the rainforests to capture the specimens. He is very enthusiastic, very knowledgeable and fascinated all of us with his exhibits and fabulous tales.

Annual Hawaiian Luau Day in Westbury

Each summer, The Bristal at Westbury hosts a fun-filled Hawaiian Luau themed day and this year was one of the best yet. We started our day off by watching a travelogue film about Hawaii in the cinema, to get us in a Hawaiian frame of mind. Then, our Chef put together a delicious Polynesian themed lunch accompanied with refreshing tropical drinks and tasty coconut ice pops for dessert! We were visited by the wonderful dance troupe, Aloha Dance, who dressed us each in leis and performed various dances from the Samoan, Tahitian, and Hawaiian cultures. But they weren’t the only ones to dance! They were joined by many of our residents who wanted to learn the traditional hula dance. We had an excellent day and we are already looking forward to the fun we will have next year.