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The Holiday Season in Westbury

We have been having the most wonderful time this holiday season here in Westbury! We’ve been busy trimming the tree, enjoying visits from school children, lighting the menorah, doing holiday crafts, sharing meals with good friends, taking trips, and ringing in the New Year! Most of all, we have been having fun. We hope you enjoyed your holiday season as much as we have enjoyed ours.

‘Through Our Eyes’ Art Exhibit

This year, we created a special art exhibit called “Through Our Eyes.” Residents from all of The Bristal communities created artwork using various mediums. Then, our art went on display at the Long Island Museum for a month as a special exhibit! There were photos and bios of the artists, and so many people got to enjoy our unique artwork. Thank you to everyone who participated, the Long Island Museum for their hospitality, and to everyone who came to support us.

Veterans Day Ceremony in Westbury

On Veteran’s Day in Westbury, we gathered early to honor all those who have served our country. One of the residents sang the Star Spangled Banner and after the Pledge of Allegiance to begin our ceremony of honoring the Veterans who live here at The Bristal. Each Veteran’s name, branch of service and length of service were announced. We presented each of them with a boutonniere, and closed our ceremony with God Bless America.

Halloween Party in Westbury

The Bristal at Westbury had a rocking Halloween! We started the day off with a visit from some local school children who joined us to paint pumpkins. We gave them all treat bags to take with them. Then, we had a big party – complete with live entertainment and lots of dancing! Happy Halloween from The Bristal at Westbury.

Testimonial from Lynn Lewandowski

Dear Mr. Solano,


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My name is Lynn Lewandowski, a friend and caregiver to Kathryn Twomey. She has been a resident of the Bristol in Westbury for over a year and half. I don’t often write letters of commendation.  However, in this case I feel compelled to since I have been so impressed with the level of service, care and support provided by some of your employees.

Although, I have not interacted directly with some of the staff, I find that most are very warm, helpful and genuinely concerned with the residents of the Bristol .  They always acknowledge everyone on a first name basis. They initiate everyday conversation, and are always helpful and seem to always say and do their tasks with a smile.

I would like to acknowledge, in particular, some of your staff members that seem to always exceed my expectations. Firstly, there is a wonderful Recreation Program that always seems to be “standing room only”! But, what makes these programs outstanding is the Recreation Staff itself! They always seem to go above and beyond their tasks to ensure the residents have a wonderful time. They demonstrate strong teamwork efforts and traits that seem to have been lost in this industry.  They encourage, motivate, and inspire the residents to participate and have fun,making these events so enjoyable for everyone.    They always make sure a good time is had by all. You can see and feel the wonderful, youthful energy these residents, once again, enjoy when they are singing along or dancing with the staff and others.   It is such a pleasure to witness and I believe such an important part of the residents continued well-being. They have established great respect, trust and have a lasting  impact on the future success living their life at this Bristol.

I would like to acknowledge, particularly, the following staff members Carol, Elizabeth, Lillian, Natalie and any other staff member of the Recreation Staff that l may have inadvertently left out. You are all wonderful!! In addition, I must also compliment, Robert, the Dining Room Manager, who always stops and makes himself available to residents and visitors alike.   He is never too busy to make conversations and put a smile on their face.

Josi, and all the Front Desk Staff, who so often are ones who make the first impressions upon entering the Bristol, are always professional, very helpful and greet people with the biggest smiles. They make everyone feel very welcome! I know they also make sure Kathryn and others get their newspapers delivered to their rooms!

Kathryn is very comfortable in the knowledge that her needs are always meet and always states, “It’s a great place to be, if you have to be in  a place like this!”

Please let your staff know that they are truly appreciated and should be recognized and held up as an example for others to try and emulate.

Lynn Lewandowski

Paint Night Fundraiser in Westbury

In their endeavor to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association, The Bristal at Westbury held a Paint Night Fundraiser. The event was spearheaded by Al, our Director of Maintenance. The evening was a huge success! All of the paintings were truly special in their own way, and everyone was pleased with their results. Thank you to all those who joined us to make this Paint Night event so special.

Staff Appreciation Week in Westbury

We celebrated Staff Appreciation Week here in Westbury with a week full of fun! Throughout the week, staff enjoyed playing games and winning prizes. Our Carnival Day was a huge hit also. We had perfect weather to be outdoors. We played carnival games, won prizes, As you can see from the pictures, everyone had an amazing time. Remember: it’s not just what you do, it’s how you do it!

Testimonial From Helen Orlando

To whom it may concern:

All to often, especially these days, people complain about how a job is being done, how they are not being treated fairly, or jobs are not being taken care of quickly enough. I’m writing this letter today because I think it’s so important when someone is doing an incredible job that it should be acknowledged and commended. That is the case with Marion Murphy.

My mom, Elaine Mirzoeff, has been at the Bristal in Westbury for approximately 8 years. She hasn’t been easy to deal with for various reasons. Marion has taken the time to get to know my mom, has dealt with her in a professional, kind and sympathetic way. Marion also worked with me closely to try and remedy some very sensitive issues, and in the end with Marion’s guidance & support, we were successful. It took months … but the end result is truly amazing.

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It’s obvious that not only does Marion love the work that she does, she really cares, not just for my mom, for all the residents at the Bristal (I’ve seen her in action). She wants to see the residents happy, listen to their stories about their life experiences … she realizes there is a lot to learn just by listening. Marion is sharp, sincere, a wonderful nurse and truly second to none.

In closing, I’d like to say that Marion is indeed an employee of the Bristal that should be praised.

Helen Orlando

Westbury Residents Visit the Shrine of Our Lady of the Island

Residents from The Bristal at Westbury made their annual trip to the beautiful “Shrine of Our Lady of the Island” in Eastport. The day was bright and sunny – perfect for the tram ride through the entire park. This trip means something different to each of us, and we each take away something different from it. But we all came home feeling tranquil and with a deep appreciation of the lovely grounds.

Westbury Residents Visit the Brookhaven Wildlife and Ecology Center

Residents from The Bristal at Westbury always enjoy their trips to the Brookhaven Wildlife and Ecology Center Animal Preserve in Holtsville. It is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon, especially when the weather is so gorgeous! The containment areas for the animals mimic their natural habitat and they all look pretty content in their homes. Our group had an early lunch so that we could be sure to arrive before the bears retire for the day, which is at 2:00. We enjoyed feeding the goats, seeing the Bald Eagles and strolling the park with friends.

Baseball Celebration in Westbury

In celebration of the beginning of baseball season, The Bristal at Westbury held an exciting Baseball Party. Residents and staff put on their ball caps and favorite jerseys and enjoyed all of their favorite stadium treats. Chef Rob made everything you would expect to eat at the ballpark – from pretzels to hot dogs to of course, peanuts and cracker jacks! There was even an ice cream bar with all different flavors and toppings for everyone to make their own sundaes. We had such a blast celebrating together that we can’t wait until next year to do it again!

Testimonial from Risa

Dear Ms. McKeon,

Westbury Testimonial

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I am writing to you to acknowledge the excellent Wellness Staff at the Bristal Westbury, where my mother, Rhoda Fruchter is a resident.

After her surgery, she came back to the Bristal; her home, where everything is familiar and where people care about her and her well-being. This was the absolute best decision for her. Colleen and her staff took excellent care of her. I met with Colleen several times during my mom’s recovery to discuss her progress and we altered her care level accordingly. Her staff provided everything that she needed and did so with kindness and patience. And, they continue to do so.

Thank you for providing such excellent staff!

Helping Hands Volunteers from Westbury Donate Handmade Knit Items

Every year, the Helping Hands Community Volunteers in Westbury knit and crochet hundreds of scarves, hats and blankets, and then donate them to charity. The volunteers make the items in their spare time, and then they invite the National Council Of Jewish Women in to collect the goods. They hold a tea party with the council, and everyone helps to package up the items throughout the day. The National Council of Jewish Women serves as the liaison between the volunteers and those in need. This year, the hats and scarves are going to the Hempstead Inn and the blankets will go to juvenile cancer patients who will use them during their treatments. Every single stitch is made with love and we attach little tags saying so. It makes us all feel so good to give back to our community and those in need.