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107th Birthday in North Woodmere

Today in North Woodmere, we were honored to celebrate the 107th birthday of resident Henrietta Dobin. This incredible woman continues to live a busy and fulfilling life, even at 107. She works at the Nassau County Museum of Art, plays bridge three times a week, loves shopping, and has weekly lunch dates with her friends. Her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren were among the many people who came to celebrate the special birthday. The beautiful display of Mrs. Dobin’s artwork, and photographs of her and her loved ones,  were set out for all of the guests to admire. Happy Birthday Henrietta – thank you for allowing us to be a part of this special day!

70th Wedding Anniversary Vow Renewal in North Woodmere

Today, Helen and Martin Inwald celebrated their 70th Wedding Anniversary in North Woodmere by renewing their vows! While the couple’s true anniversary is on December 19, 1948, Helen thought celebrating on Martin’s 95th birthday, with a vow renewal ceremony, would be perfect! Family and friends gathered to watch the beautiful couple hand and hand as they shared their secrets to their happy marriage. The best advice the Inwald’s shared was “compromise, cooperation, and consideration.” Thank you, Helen and Martin, for allowing us to be a part of this beautiful day!

Courtyard Entertainment in North Woodmere

Here in North Woodmere we enjoyed a special performance by the Atlantic Community Band outside in the courtyard. The band is made up of 30 professional orchestra musicians, playing woodwinds, brass, and percussion instruments. They played a medley of Broadway favorites and patriotic classics for an audience in the round, where everyone had a front row seat. The beautiful music combined with beautiful weather, made for a perfect afternoon!

The Battle of The Bristals in North Woodmere

The Bristal at North Woodmere hosted The Battle of The Bristals this week! The Lynbrook and North Woodmere communities competed head to head in minute to win it games, requiring speed and agility. The competition was fierce as each of the teams kept the score tight, making a tie breaker necessary to declare a winner. Games included making paper clip chains, sorting beads, rolling yarn, and blowing cups off a table. In the end, The Bristal at North Woodmere reigned supreme with a win!

Mardi Gras in North Woodmere

Here in North Woodmere we held a festive Mardi Gras celebration! After crafting our own masks, we wore them proudly throughout the day. During Social Hour, King Cakes and delicious beignets were given out and enjoyed as a lively violinist entertained. The vibrant energy of the New Orleans celebration certainly radiated throughout the community!

Sunrise Day Camp Fundraiser in North Woodmere

Residents in North Woodmere held a fundraiser recently to benefit Sunrise Day Camp – a camp on Long Island for children with cancer, and their siblings. Residents had fun while they raised money, doing a sing along around our “campfire,” making s’mores, playing games, making tie dye t-shirts, and more! Residents from the Beading Club and the Needlepoint Club made handmade crafts and sold them. Together, they raised $700 that they will be donating to Sunrise Day Camp!

Chinese New Year Celebration in North Woodmere

We all had a wonderful time celebrating Chinese New Year here in North Woodmere. Chef Virgo cooked us up a delicious spread of traditional Chinese food and specialty orange blossom cocktails. After lunch, we were all mesmerized by the incredible variety performance put on for us by NY Sunshine Arts Council. Their Chinese music and dancing was wonderfully entertaining. Here’s to 2017 – Year of the Rooster!

‘Through Our Eyes’ Art Exhibit

This year, we created a special art exhibit called “Through Our Eyes.” Residents from all of The Bristal communities created artwork using various mediums. Then, our art went on display at the Long Island Museum for a month as a special exhibit! There were photos and bios of the artists, and so many people got to enjoy our unique artwork. Thank you to everyone who participated, the Long Island Museum for their hospitality, and to everyone who came to support us.

Veterans Day in North Woodmere

On Veterans Day here in North Woodmere, we honored all of the Veterans who have served this country. We had some US Marines join us, as well as members of the Vet to Vet program. A representative from Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano’s Office was there and presented proclamations. Later in the day, we had refreshments while listening to patriotic music performed by Rose and Fred.

Staff Appreciation in North Woodmere

Here in North Woodmere, we spent a whole week celebrating our wonderful team during Staff Appreciation Week! Each department was an island, and they had to fill their island’s treasure box with coins, earned in different ways. There were games with coins as prizes, a scavenger hunt, an ice cream sundae making contest and more! We also enjoyed theme days where we all got to dress up, and an outdoor staff barbecue. We just love to celebrate the people who make The Bristal such a wonderful place to be. Remember: it’s not just what you do, it’s how you do it!

Testimonial: I am a friend or relative of resident (5 / 5 Stars)

When my father died this past fall, my mother knew that she wanted to move into an assisted living facility. She wanted to live independently of family but she was not sure what this new chapter of her life would look like. We visited several facilities in our area and ultimately chose the Bristal at North Woodmere. It was the first place we visited and the one we came back to. The atmosphere just seemed so friendly and warm. Lots of friendly faces and people who looked like they were still involved and doing things. The facility itself was very attractive and the one-bedroom apartment that we looked at was well laid out for my mother.

review from nancy ascher

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The Bristal itself also made a great impression. The dining room and all the public rooms were clean and nicely maintained with most of the activities on the first floor. The director, Lisa, has been a godsend to my mother. She is responsible for running a very special community and does it with grace and humor. We depend upon her to brainstorm when there’s an issue and she is very accessible to my mother and also to us. The staff members at the Bristal at North Woodmere are very friendly and genuinely nice people. They have supported my mother in her adjustment to her new surroundings. They have extended themselves at every turn, helping to make things as easy as possible. The Wellness staff (both the registered nurses and the support staff) are kind and caring and very attentive to my mother’s health issues. Too many wonderful, caring people to mention their names, as I would surely leave someone out. We can all feel secure that my mother is a push-button or call away from any help that she might need. The people at the reception desk are always friendly and make us feel welcome (Linda, Jermaine & Denise, thank you!) Frank and Jamie were so helpful with the move-in. Physical therapy is right on the premises and the doctors who come to the Bristal have made life easier for us all. And there are lots of activities to keep mom busy and everyone is very open to suggestions for new activities. Lectures, concerts, and special parties are always being planned. All in all, it was the right decision for my mother to move here and we would not hesitate to recommend the Bristal at North Woodmere to anyone who is considering an assisted living option.

Testimonial : I am/was a resident of this facility (5/5 Stars)

I have been a resident of The Bristal at North Woodmere for over five years although it doesn’t seem that long. Prior to moving here my wife and I lived in Florida where we enjoyed an active lifestyle.  As the years went by we felt the need to slow down a bit and to live closer to family members. Our daughter lives in Woodmere, so the Bristal at North Woodmere seemed to be the most practical location.

We took a tour of the facilities and were impressed. Our first impression turned out to be correct; everything was as it was explained to us.

testimonial i am a resident

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The most important part of living in an assisted living facility is the staff whom we found to be extremely capable and friendly. From the “Wellness” personnel through housekeeping and the wait staff in the dining room, we could not ask for a more friendly or cooperative group.

We were concerned that the meals would be less than those to which we were accustomed but we were pleasantly surprised to find that was not the case. An excellent choice is provided for each meal and there is always something to enjoy.

My wife passed away in 2012. Fortunately, we had made some good friends who made the transition from married to single as easy as possible.

The living quarters are great. There is a wide choice of quarters based upon the resident’s desire and budget. TV service is provided at no charge and just recently, access to the internet was put into effect saving us the expense of contracting with an outside service.

The facilities are complete and utilized with great enthusiasm by the residents. From nightly movies to a full calendar of activities, nothing has been left out. The staff is always ready to listen and act upon our desires and suggestions.

Of course an organization such as this must be carefully honed by those in charge, and we are fortunate to have a new Director (Lisa) who chats daily with the residents to be sure nothing is lacking. She not only listens to our desires but acts upon them. Daily she walks through the dining room to chat with and to listen to the residents.

I have had occasion to visit a number of facilities on Long Island and have found none which can approach The Bristal at North Woodmere.

Testimonial: I am a relative of a resident at North Woodmere (5/5 Stars)

I don’t even know what to say about how great this assisted living facility. Not only does it look like a hotel but most importantly they employ a staff who care for the residents with compassion and professionalism.

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It is not just a job to them they put their heart and soul into it. My father spent 18 months there in the memory unit. In addition to cognitive issues he had so many health problems and had to take a ton of medication. They made every day of his life as best as it could be even when he was difficult. They kept him clean and were patient and kind. The workers and management knew when he needed additional medical care and when he was dying they knew exactly when to have Hospice come in, They were more attentive than the Hospice staff tending to his every need. They also played a big role in supporting my mother who had been a caregiver with declining mobility. They took care of her when she visited and were compassionate with me, the only child. My mother entered the Bristal in the regular unit, recently. I can sleep at night knowing she is safe and getting great care when needed. The management/director of the facility is very hands on with knowledge of each resident and is a true professional. She makes sure everything runs smoothly. If you are looking for a facility for a family member or friend there is no better place.