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The Bristal “Lights the World in Teal” with the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America

On Wednesday, November 8th, The Bristal joined landmarks all across the world in lighting up teal to show support for the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (AFA), and their Light the World in Teal campaign. This annual campaign is held during the month of November for Alzheimer’s awareness month. Residents and employees came together to show their support by not only lighting their buildings in teal, but by participating in different themed programs. Residents took part in activities including an interactive strings attached trivia game on brain health, and an Alzheimer’s awareness parade.  The Bristal was proud to be a part of this worldwide effort.

Feinstein Institute Teams with The Bristal Assisted Living to Study if Dance Can Slow Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease

The Bristal and The Feinstein Institute are proud of their collaborative work being done at The Bristal at Lake Success. Below is a recent press release from The Feinstein Institute after a recent event to introduce this amazing new dance study.

Feinstein Institute for Medical Research dance study

Clockwise from right: Dance therapist and member of Dr. Peter Davies’ team, Cecilia Fontanesi with The Bristal Assisted Living residents Berte Odnoposoff, Esther Feldman and Phyllis Roth participating in a dance therapy session.

Assisted living residents are spending time on the dance floor to participate in a new study evaluating if dance can help slow the progression of memory loss. The study is overseen by leading Alzheimer’s disease researcher Peter Davies, PhD, director of the Feinstein Institute’s Litwin-Zucker Center for Alzheimer’s Disease and Memory Disorders, and taking place at The Bristal Assisted Living in Lake Success.

“The prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or other memory disorders among assisted living residents is very high and this really impacts their ability to enjoy life and remain active,” Dr. Davies explains. “I’m thrilled to partner with The Bristal Assisted Living so that we can rigorously research if dance and our other programs can help slow the memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s, dementia and other memory disorders. Residents participating in the program have the opportunity to enjoy themselves and help us to find out if there is some cognitive benefit.”

Assisted living communities are an increasingly popular option for senior housing and care as they provide residents a more enriching environment. It has been shown that activities, personal engagement and physical health have helped keep residents in assisted living longer, delaying the move to a more institutional environment. Dr. Davies with his team – Erica Christen, RN; Amber Sousa, PhD; Jeremy Koppel, MD; and Cecilia Fontanesi, R-DMT, MPhil – will study over the next two years whether dance, strength training and programs to enhance cognitive activities could improve residents’ lives.

“I’m very happy to work with Dr. Davies to encourage assisted living residents to move and connect with each other,” said Ms. Fontanesi. “The dance therapy classes build a sense of belonging, motivating residents to stay engaged in the community, enriching their lives and knowing that they matter.”

Ms. Fontanesi’s first therapy session started with the residents passing around a balloon, initiating purposeful movement while retaining a shared focus, and ended with the residents delightfully dancing to “Cheek to Cheek” by Frank Sinatra.

The study is funded by The Bristal and these activities take place in a 1,100-square-foot clinical space created specifically for Feinstein Institute researchers at The Bristal at Lake Success, which is The Bristal’s first community dedicated to helping residents with memory disorders.

Said Kimberly Bent, MSW, Executive Director of The Bristal at Lake Success: “Not only will our residents benefit from this research, but it is also our hope that the findings discovered here will benefit assisted living residents across the country suffering from memory disorders.”

Check out some clips from the program:

The Island Now also covered the event. Read their story here:

Feinstein Dance Program on The Island Now

Fall Fun in Lake Success

This October in Lake Success, we enjoyed some fall fun!  From our travels to Hick’s Nursery to view their beautiful fall display, to learning how to use technology to create art, we had an October filled with new experiences. We even had visitors from Temple Tikvah of New Hyde Park give a beautiful performance.  This season, the fresh fall air truly left us feeling inspired to get out and try new things!

Fourth of July in Lake Success

Here in Lake Success, we had the most wonderful Fourth of July celebration. Family and friends gathered with us in the courtyard on a gorgeous, sunny afternoon for a barbecue cookout. The chefs prepared the traditional hot dogs, hamburgers, corn on the cob, and so much more! We had live entertainment, and enjoyed this beautiful day. Happy Fourth of July!

Testimonial from Anne G.

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We had wanted to keep my father at home with my mother with the help of aides, but as dad’s Alzheimer’s advanced it became increasingly evident that this was an unrealistic option. After meeting with [the staff] at The Bristal at Lake Success, we realized that there was an opportunity for dad to have a better quality of life. Since becoming a resident at The Bristal, we have noticed some amazing changes as my father has become much more verbal and we see that he enjoys engaging in activities that stimulate and encourage group participation. My father appears to be much calmer and when he does have moments in which he is stressed or angry, the staff are quite skilled in redirecting attention. Residents are treated with respect and are cared for by the entire staff. Every member of the staff knows and greets my father by name which always brings a smile to his face. The facility is beautifully laid out and have a very welcoming feel. Resident apartments are extremely clean and well maintained. Although in less than a month, The Bristal has far-exceeded my expectations.

Enjoying Our First Residents in Lake Success

Our first residents have moved in, and we are already having tons of fun here in Lake Success! We enjoyed a Mardi Gras party, complete with live jazz entertainment. Everyone was up dancing! We’ve been playing games and doing puzzles with new friends, exploring the arts, and Chef Mick has been whipping up some fresh fruit smoothies. We are so happy to have our first residents here with us, and we can’t wait to welcome more!

The Bristal at Lake Success is Now Open!

The Bristal at Lake Success, a community fully dedicated to memory care, is now open! We’re so proud to open our doors and to welcome our very first residents. Here is a peek at our gorgeous new spaces. If someone you love is facing memory loss, we encourage you to come visit and see all of the wonderful care, services and amenities that The Bristal at Lake Success offers. We look forward to meeting you!

‘Through Our Eyes’ Art Exhibit

This year, we created a special art exhibit called “Through Our Eyes.” Residents from all of The Bristal communities created artwork using various mediums. Then, our art went on display at the Long Island Museum for a month as a special exhibit! There were photos and bios of the artists, and so many people got to enjoy our unique artwork. Thank you to everyone who participated, the Long Island Museum for their hospitality, and to everyone who came to support us.

Lake Success Construction Continues

Throughout the month of May, things are happening very quickly here in Lake Success. The concrete has already been poured, walls are going up, and the first floor is being completed. You can see the amazing progress below. We look forward to sharing more construction updates soon!


Construction Begins at Our Lake Success Location

We have officially begun construction in Lake Success. We look forward to sharing more information with you about this wonderful community, which will be dedicated solely to Memory Care. It might not look like much now, but we assure you, this community will be just as beautiful as the rest of our family of communities. Stay tuned for more construction updates!

Newsday: The Bristal to Partner With North Shore-LIJ on Dementia Research


Article courtesy of Newsday

“The Bristal Assisted Living is planning a 10th location on Long Island to be devoted solely to the care of people with memory loss.  It will be located in Lake Success and will serve as a research center for the nearby Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, a unit of the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System.”