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Sock Hop in Lake Grove

We had a great time at our Sock Hop last week! The 1950’s themed party featured live music by Squeaky Clean and a classic diner menu. We spent the afternoon twirling our poodle skirts and slurping milk shakes. Everyone had a great time remembering the 1950’s and all that the decade had to offer!

Valentine’s Day in Lake Grove

Here in Lake Grove, Valentine’s Day was a day filled with love and laughter. Everyone dressed up in red and pink, as they enjoyed heart shaped sweets and smelling the roses! Love birds, old and new, posed for the camera as they proudly held the year in which their journey together began. We are so lucky to be a part of a community that is filled with so much love!

Veterans Day in Lake Grove

Here in Lake Grove we spent Veterans Day paying tribute to all of the heroes that live in our community! Residents shared stories and old pictures of themselves in uniform. We took the time to honor each and every one of the dedicated men and women who sacrificed so much for their country. It was a beautiful afternoon! Thank you to all of our Veterans for your service. You are truly appreciated.

Supplies for Success Program in Lake Grove

The Bristal Helping Hands community volunteers got together in Lake Grove to support the UJA Federation of New York. The UJA has a back-to-school initiative called Supplies for Success – a program which provides new school supplies for thousands of disadvantaged children in need. The Bristal Helping Hands volunteers spent the morning filling new backpacks with all of the necessary school supplies to give to elementary school children to prepare them to go back to school! Residents and staff had a wonderful time working together for such a great cause. In the end, they assembled so many backpacks that we almost filled up the entire library! The Supplies for Success program is a wonderful way for The Bristal Helping Hands to give back to the community.

Testimonial From Judith


To: Ms. Karen Caroppoli
Executive Director
Bristal Lake Grove
2995 Middle Country Road
Lake Grove, NY 11755

From: Judith & Family

Re: Kerianne
Dining Room Manager


Dear Ms. Caroppoli,

It is with great appreciation I write this letter to you. We reserved the Private Dining Room for our aunt’s 88th birthday on Sunday, June 11 2017. Kerianne was our hostess and she was outstanding.

Kerianne has served our aunt often and consistently offers a kind and understanding manner. She has patience “like a saint” and adapt skills as a waitress. She did it all with ease and still smiled at my aunt’s sharp attitude.

The dining room was gorgeous when we arrived. The service was impeccable with a fruit appetizer already waiting for us. The food was timely and quite good. Kerianne was sensitive to both my aunt and our family. She was able to adjust easily to different relatives arriving at different times. She found candles for us (which I forgot), cut the cake for all, and even wrapped it up to go.

Over the past two + years, we have received first-rate service from many of your staff. Kerianne is one of those employees who went above & beyond to make this a special occasion for my aunt. I know she felt surprised, special, and appreciated that day because she talked about it for days afterward. She may not remember the day for too long, but we will, and that makes all the difference. Thank you Kerianne!

With great appreciation,
Judith & Family

Testimonial from Jean Samson

Handwritten Testimonial from Jean Samson

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Thank you for helping me transfer to Lake Grove so smoothly.
Everyone from Administration to Wellness to Housekeeping, to Maintenance, went out of their way to help me. It’s good to know that I have kind and competent people here when I need them.
I love having morning coffee on the porch overlooking the garden and meals in the lovely dining room. And I think the many lounge areas are beautifully decorated and very comfortable.
Although I have been here only a short time I have a feeling of peace and well-being. and hope to be at The Bristal Lake Grove for a very long time.
With best wishes,
Jean Samson

Shelter Kittens Visit Lake Grove

Lake Grove residents and staff enjoyed a day of the cutest kittens, which led to a day of smiling ear to ear! A local shelter visited with some adorable and cuddly kittens for us to love. Some of the kittens were being bottle fed, and the residents enjoyed helping out with that. As you can see, we just loved these little kittens so much, we couldn’t help but smile. We’ve always got love to give, so we welcome the shelter to come back again soon!

Lake Grove Residents Celebrate Dr. Seuss

In celebration of what would have been the 113th birthday of Dr. Seuss, residents in Lake Grove decided to pay homage to the man who charmed the world with his whimsical wonderful words. We made green deviled eggs from scratch – to try green eggs and ham , of course – and wrote up some of our own riddles just for fun. And fun is what we were after, because as Dr. Seuss said, “If you never did you should. These things are fun and fun is good!”

‘Me, Too!’ Game in Lake Grove

We love learning about one another, and discovering shared interests and common ground. We came up with a really great way to visualize just how connected we all are, and it was a fun way to learn more about staff and also about new residents! We played a fun game of “Me, too!” where someone starts with a ball of yarn. They reveal something about themselves, and anyone who shares that in common simply says “me, too!” The yarn is passed along to that person, while the other keeps one end in their hand. As the game grows longer, and the yarn keeps getting passed, we learn so much more about our friends, and we get to see what an amazing web we weave!

Service Dog Fundraiser in Lake Grove

Matthew Redlein, an 8th grade student at Nesaquake Middle School in Smithtown, is doing what he can to raise funds and awareness about service dogs, and teach others how the dogs can help veterans and first responders suffering from PTSD, blindness, hearing loss, amputations, and other post-combat disabilities. Matthew is raising money to donate to America’s VetDogs and the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, located in Smithtown, who serve the needs of disabled veterans from all eras who have honorably served our country. For every $6,000 raised, Matthew will be able to sponsor a future service dog that will be trained and placed with a veteran or first responder. Recently, Matthew came in to receive a donation from The Bristal at Lake Grove. He is currently just $5,500 away from his personal goal of raising $50,000! Congratulations Matthew on all of your hard work, we’re so happy to support your cause!

Service Dog Fundraiser in Lake Grove

‘Through Our Eyes’ Art Exhibit

This year, we created a special art exhibit called “Through Our Eyes.” Residents from all of The Bristal communities created artwork using various mediums. Then, our art went on display at the Long Island Museum for a month as a special exhibit! There were photos and bios of the artists, and so many people got to enjoy our unique artwork. Thank you to everyone who participated, the Long Island Museum for their hospitality, and to everyone who came to support us.