The Bristal at East Meadow Blog

Springtime Fun in East Meadow

We are having a great time celebrating spring here in East Meadow! We had a casino day for all of our card players, a Kentucky Derby celebration where we voted for the best big hats, and started working on our garden. In addition, a new shuffle board has brought us together for a little healthy competition while painting class has remained one of our favorite calming activities. We have kept so busy this spring, we cannot wait to see what the summer has in store!

Valentine’s Day in East Meadow

We were certainly feeling the love here in East Meadow this month! In addition to our Valentine’s Day celebrations, we were pleased to receive a visit from students from Woodland Middle School. The students put on a variety show, presented the residents with cards and other gifts, and spent the afternoon making great conversation! Happy Valentine’s Day – we hope you all felt as much love this year as we felt here at The Bristal at East Meadow!

Holiday Celebrations in East Meadow

Here in East Meadow, we had such a great time celebrating the holidays. From decorating the Christmas tree, to visits from the Girls Scouts and local students, we kept the party going all month long. We also had our annual holiday bash with a beautiful four-course meal, entertainment, and dancing! Happy Holidays from The Bristal at East Meadow.

Grandparents Day in East Meadow

It was a celebration of generations at our Grandparents Day party here in East Meadow this weekend! The residents’ smiles lit up the the community as their grandchildren enjoyed having their faces painted, a magic show, and of course cotton candy. Thank you to all of the families that came out to celebrate the amazing grandparents of The Bristal!

St. Patrick’s Day in East Meadow

This March in East Meadow, we enjoyed St. Patrick’s Day festivities all throughout the month! We had very talented Irish step dancers perform, smiling ear to ear and impeccably dressed. We also enjoyed an afternoon of Irish themed treats and art making with the Girl Scouts. But, of course, the holiday wouldn’t have been complete without the traditional music played by the Banjo Rascals!

National Hobby Month in East Meadow

Here in East Meadow we are celebrating National Hobby Month. Since January is National Hobby Month, we decided to share some of the clubs and activities that have been designed around all of our hobbies here at The Bristal. Residents can choose to participate in the Crafty Club, Mah Jong club, Knitting Club, Walking Club, Woodworking Club, or the Chorale Club, just to name a few. We always love to discover new activities, especially when we can enjoy them with friends.

Keeping Active in East Meadow

Here in East Meadow, we have certainly been keeping active. Residents are taking on the challenge of trying out new activities.  From seated volleyball games to tennis and ping pong tournaments, we are having a great time getting competitive. Some of the men have even taken up building wooden car and airplane models. Aside from the many activities we are trying within our community, we have also been enjoying bus trips to the casino and different restaurants. How can you not get involved when you live in a community that is offering so much!

Valentine’s Day in East Meadow

We celebrated Valentine’s Day in East Meadow with a day of events based around love and togetherness! Residents created some heart-shaped crafts, made chocolates and dipped pretzels. Some local students also came in for a visit. Together, we created and exchanged valentines, and had a wonderful time with the children. Everyone had a great time, and we hope your Valentine’s Day was as full as ours – full of happiness, smiles and love.


The Holiday Season in East Meadow

We have been having so much fun here in East Meadow this holiday seasons that we almost forgot to stop and take pictures! We have been enjoying live entertainment, dancing, visits from school children, dinners with friends, holiday crafts, cooking demonstrations, visits from Santa, and ringing in the New Year! It’s certainly been an exciting time, and we hope that you all enjoyed the holiday season as much as we did.

‘Through Our Eyes’ Art Exhibit

This year, we created a special art exhibit called “Through Our Eyes.” Residents from all of The Bristal communities created artwork using various mediums. Then, our art went on display at the Long Island Museum for a month as a special exhibit! There were photos and bios of the artists, and so many people got to enjoy our unique artwork. Thank you to everyone who participated, the Long Island Museum for their hospitality, and to everyone who came to support us.