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Testimonial from Faith Radler

Dear Samantha,

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Please share with the Department Heads, and all employees, our sincerest gratitude and appreciation for their professionalism during the recent snow storm.
We are in awe at the number of staff members who left their own families and personal responsibilities so they could take care of us. They placed the needs of others above their own. That is dedication and love to the highest degree!
As parents and grandparents, we worried about our own families and how they were doing in their homes. We were also concerned about our “other” children. We breathed a sigh of relief both days when we saw familiar faces “all present and accounted for”.
In spite of the weather, the staff went about their work without complaints and The Bristal functioned with its usual efficiency.
The comradery of the staff was noted by the residents. This reflects your leadership, your respect, and your appreciation of the staff efforts.
We thank you for what you do for the entire Bristal community.
Faith Radler

Resident Council President

Harold Mercer
Vice President

Phyllis Gitomer

CC All Department Heads.

Gingerbread House Decorating Contest in Armonk

We decided to have a Gingerbread House Decorating Contest her in Armonk to help get us into the holiday spirit. It was a race against the clock, as staff members only had 20 minutes to complete their masterpieces! Residents watched as everyone hurried to finish, and cheered us all on. After the time was up, the residents looked over each gingerbread house and voted for their favorite. It was a definitely a day of excitement and fun!

Halloween Fun in Armonk

Residents and staff from The Bristal at Armonk made sure that there was fun all around this Halloween! Our day started off with a pumpkin decorating contest. Each department decorated a pumpkin – there was a Cookie Monster pumpkin, an M&M pumpkin, and even one that was made to look like of one of the residents! He was flattered! We also had a local school come in to visit. Resident handed out candy to them and they joined us for some pictures in our photo booth. Afterwards, we had a Halloween Party, complete with live entertainment, contests for best costume, and holiday themed treats. Everyone had a great time.

Grandparents Day in Armonk

We all had a wonderful time on Grandparents Day here in Armonk! We invited our families to join us for a Grandparents Day Carnival filled with face painting and fun. There were carnival treats, like cotton candy and popcorn, as well as cupcakes, cookies and a carnival themed buffet. Thank you to everyone who joined us to celebrate Grandparents day!

Great Gatsby Senior Prom in Armonk

Here in Armonk, we had an amazing time at our Great Gatsby themed senior prom! As you can see, we all dressed the part. We kicked off the night with a cocktail hour complete with champagne and hors d’oeuvres. Afterwards, we sat down to a lovely dinner. Then came the live entertainment, dancing, and photo booth pictures. Just for fun, residents voted on superlatives like: best dressed, nicest smile, class clown, most athletic, and more! We handed out certificates at our senior prom. We also selected a prom king and queen – a lovely couple who have been married for many years. It was certainly a night to remember!

Marian Henry’s 107th Birthday Celebration in Armonk

Our very own resident Marian Henry celebrated her 107th birthday with all of us here at The Bristal at Armonk. Many friends, family members and public officials gathered in our bistro to honor this amazing milestone. Representatives from the North Castle Town Board and the Westchester County Executive office presented Marian with proclamations declaring May 5th, 2016 “Marian Henry’s Day.” Councilwoman Barbara DiGiacinto, spoke to Marian saying, “You’re an inspiration to all of us and I think North Castle is very lucky to have you as one of our very, very special residents,” and we couldn’t agree more! Marian worked as a stockbroker on Wall Street until she was 99 years old and tells us that the secret to a long life is hard work.

The afternoon was filled with joy as we celebrated by singing Happy Birthday and sharing a delicious cake made just for the birthday girl. Marian is a true inspiration and we’re so proud to have been able to commemorate this special occasion together.

We interviewed Marian to learn more about her life, and heard some interesting stories. Watch to learn more about Marian and hear about her experiences growing up and working in New York City.

Happy Birthday Marian!

Testimonial From Marylou Grundman

Good Morning George-

On behalf of my entire family I wish to thank you for the fabulous celebration of Mom’s May 5th 107th birthday by The Bristal organization and supporting staff.

Testimonial from marylou grundman

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This event was planned and executed in a magnificent way -to every last detail it was perfect! We thank each and every one of you.

Collectively, this celebration has to be one of the most memorable moments of our lives.

Life at The Bristal has rejuvenated Mom and given us the pleasure of seeing her make new friends, pursue new hobbies, and live a much happier, healthier life.

There are so many people we will see and thank personally but some we may miss or do not know. Please extend our thanks to all involved with this celebration.





Western Day in Armonk

We all had an amazing time during our Western Day here in Armonk. We themed the entire day – and everyone played their part! We had wanted posters of each resident throughout the community, a “Jail” photo booth, a lasso competition and a country style buffet lunch. After all that, we had a social hour complete with live entertainment playing all of our favorite country hits. Everyone shared some laughs and had lots of fun!

Testimonial from The Bristal at Armonk Resident Council

Dear George,

On behalf of the residents who attended, I commend and thank all of those who made “Passover with Rabbi Strom” a most meaningful and informative experience. Stephanie deserves the credit for arranging it, as per the Bristal way of honoring all religions.

Armonk Passover Testimonial

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The room, set up so beautifully by Stephanie and Helen, truly reflected a family attending a Passover Seder (ritual meal) together.

Shawn outdid himself by preparing the traditional foods and prepping the plates according to the Rabbi’s request. No easy task for one unfamiliar with them.

The highest praise and gratitude must go to the dining room wait staff and the kitchen crew. They not only served all of the first seating, but accommodated twenty five additional residents not seated at their usual tables. No small feat and they did it in one hour!

The activities staff and the aides pitched in, helped where needed, and took everyone to where they wanted to be. Thank you and all the employees, who make living at The Bristal in Armonk such a pleasant experience each and every day.


Faith Radler, President

Resident Council

Testimonial from The Bristal at Armonk Resident Council

To All Department Heads :

Testimonial from Faith Radler, Harold Mercer, and Phyllis Gitomer

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Please express our sincerest gratitude and deepest appreciation to your staff for the professionalism during the height of the snow storm.

They went about their usual business and took care of our needs in spite of being short staffed and working longer hours. We never heard them grumble or complain. They went about their work with diligence and in their usual caring manner.

We appreciate that many of them left their own homes and families behind in order to take care of their Bristal family. We are truly fortunate to have such caring, wonderful and loving men and women on staff at The Bristal in Armonk.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Faith Radler, President Resident Council

Harold Mercer, Vice President

Phyllis Gitomer, Secretary


Casino Day in Armonk

Here in Armonk, we had an all day Casino Day, complete with poker, craps, blackjack and roulette. We took a break mid-day to enjoy a delicious buffet lunch. After we dined, we were all treated to a live musical performance, and of course, more games! Everyone had a wonderful time.