Westbury’s St. Patrick’s Day Party

Here in Westbury, we had a terrific St. Patrick’s Day Party. The afternoon started with a delicious Irish themed meal which included a slice of Irish soda bread that the baking group made.  Green beer and green ginger ale were served during the meal and the chef’s special dessert trolley cart had some fine looking confections on-board, including Bailey’s Irish Cream cheesecake!  After lunch, residents sipped on Irish Coffee with a drizzle of green crème de menthe on top.  Green frosted cupcakes were also served.  Then, residents gathered for a performance by the Banjo Rascals.  They were dressed in Derby’s and emerald green vests. They played all the old favorite songs including some Irish Reels played on guitar and mandolin.  It was an incredible sound!  This St. Patrick’s Day Party will be tough to beat next year.