St. Patrick’s Day in Lake Grove

Here in Lake Grove, we are so excited that our first residents have already moved in! Our first holiday together was St. Patrick’s Day. To celebrate the Irish heritage, we all enjoyed a traditional Irish cooking class and a terrific performance from the Mulvihill-Lynch School’s Irish step dancers. The Bristal also took part in the annual St. James St. Patrick’s Day Parade. We decked out The Bristal bus and chased the rain down Lake Avenue and left a rainbow of Bristal cheer, sharing sweets and wildflower seed packets with brave parade-goers. We ended the day with Shamrock-green shakes and chat about Irish legends and lore. On St. Patrick’s Day, we had an Irish luncheon with live traditional Irish music, and relaxed in the afternoon with Irish coffee served by the biggest leprechaun you’ve ever seen (Dining Room Manager Andrew). Happy St. Patrick’s Day from all of us here in Lake Grove!