The Bristal Gives Back: The INN in Hempstead

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Members of The Bristal Team Volunteer at The INN in Hempstead

The Bristal partnered with Genser, Dobow, Genser & Cona this week to serve the community by volunteering at The Mary Brennan Interfaith Nutrition Network (INN) in Hempstead.

The Bristal Gives Back: The INN in HempsteadThe volunteering started in the communities: The Bristal at East Meadow, The Bristal at Massapequa and The Bristal at Westbury. Residents gathered together to package lunches for those who come to The Mary Brennan INN for a meal, a shower, or one of the many other services that they provide there. The chefs from each community packaged sandwiches, and the residents spent the afternoon assembling the lunches. Each bag contained a water, a piece of fruit, a package of cookies and a sandwich. Together, residents from the three communities packaged over 400 lunches!

The Bristal Gives Back: The INN in HempsteadOnce the lunches were packed and ready, team members from The Bristal transported them to The INN in Hempstead. The Bristal team for the day was: Regional Director of Business Development Janine Valentiner, Community Liaison Rachael Koutrouby, Marketing Coordinator Jenny Zaun, Executive Chef Ian Rousseau from The Bristal at Massapequa and Administrative Assistant Mary Ellen Moire, also from Massapequa. Together with the team from Genser, Dobow, Genser & Cona, everyone enjoyed a rewarding day of community service. Volunteers started the day by sorting all of the donations that had recently arrived. This included boxes and bags of bread, canned goods, dry goods and clothing. Everyone worked together to put each item in its proper place.

While the team did their part, the volunteers who are there every week buttered the bread, cut desserts, brewed coffee, boiled pasta and made warm turkey stew. At 11:30, lunch service began. All of the volunteers lined up and started assembling and delivering trays. The team successfully completed a lunch service to over 300 people in need.

As the guests left The INN, they were each handed a lunch bag by volunteers, packaged with love by residents of The Bristal.  Volunteer Janine said of the day: “I hope I can properly portray to The Bristal residents and staff the joy and gratitude that the guests at The Inn had when receiving the bagged meals that they prepared.  It was an emotional day of giving.” Rachael agreed, and said “It was amazing to give back while working side by side with my Bristal colleagues.  We really made Every Day Mean More to the guests at The INN.”

To learn more about The INN and their services, you can visit their website here:

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