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Posted by: Maryellen McKeon, Senior Vice President of Operations

Dear Maryellen, 

Health Care for Veterans

Are you aware of the VA Aid & Attendance?

My husband and I are beginning to research assisted living communities on Long Island for his father. His dad is a veteran who currently receives his health care and prescriptions from the local VA. In trying to determine what his budget for assisted living might be we wondered if these types of communities have relationships with the Department of Veterans Affairs? We would ideally like him to be able to continue seeing his VA physicians and having his medications covered through his VA benefit. Is that possible if he moves to an assisted living community?   -Darlene in Freeport, New York

Dear Darlene,

Thank you for asking that question. Our community teams are often asked about VA benefits so we know it is important information for families.

We have a preferred pharmacy and established relationships with physicians who make in-house calls to our communities as a convenience for our residents. However, we are happy to help our nation’s veterans fully utilize their VA benefits. We can call your father’s prescriptions in to his VA pharmacy, schedule appointments with his VA physicians, and coordinate transportation with the county senior service van.

I also want to make sure you are aware of the VA Aid & Attendance? Just in case you aren’t, here is a quick overview. For veterans who qualify, the Aid & Attendance benefit is available to help with some of the expenses of senior care. We have attorneys who help residents of The Bristal with the application process free of charge.

Please let us know if you have any more questions about the VA and assisted living, Darlene. I or one of our local community Executive Directors will be happy to help!

Maryellen McKeon

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