Learn How You Can Support Kids with Cancer at Sunrise Day Camp: Part IV

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Sunrise Camper Stories

This is the fourth and final post in a campaign covering fundraising efforts by The Bristal in support of the mission of Sunrise Day Camp. It’s a very special place where children, ages 3 ½ – 16, can go, free of charge, and enjoy a summer filled with fun, friendship and adventure, returning to the comfort and safety of their own homes each night while continuing with their medical treatments. By raising the needed funds from outside sources, Sunrise can help to alleviate some of the costs, and the related stress, that parents incur caring for a sick child throughout the year.

We at The Bristal are asking you to help us spread the word and support the mission of the Sunrise Day Camp by clicking the social icons below. Additionally, our resident volunteer organization, The Bristal Helping Hands, is contributing at the community level by participating in the Sunrise Walk-a-Thon on June 8th, 2014.

Sibling Campers Grow With Sunrise

Lex Korobow

Lex Korobow

Many campers go through the CIT program and transition to staff. Five very special campers who are also the siblings of a child with cancer and now wear their staff tee shirts with pride share their thoughts of being a “Sunrise Sibling”: Lex Korobow, Aaron Pena, Annalea Trask, Zach Ventice and Catherine Zervas. Here are a few thoughts from these five incredible siblings:

Lex Korobow: “At Sunrise, I was reassured that no matter how difficult times got, my sister and I knew we had a place where we could feel happy, stress-free, and loved. As a staff member, I became more humble and patient in my daily life, for I saw that even my biggest of troubles was nothing compared to the hardships these children have to face almost every day of their lives.”

Aaron Pena: “Sunrise Day Camp is not just a camp for children with cancer and their siblings, it is home for over a thousand people sick or not sick. It changed my life and has helped my family immensely. What my sister has might be bad, but if it wasn’t for [her illness] my sister and I would not have been exposed to Sunrise. I love Sunrise and it will always have a place in my heart.”

Annalea Trask

Annalea Trask

Annalea Trask: “Every Sunrise family experiences so much trauma and heartbreak, but because of Sunrise Day Camp, we also get to experience happiness, family, friendship, love, and sunshine.”

Zach Ventrice: “The one big thing that impacted me as a staff is that it doesn’t matter how old I get I am always surprised by how strong and brave some of these young people are. Their wisdom is far beyond their age, which truly amazes me to no end. I made some amazing friendships that will last a lifetime. The gift from this camp will never be forgotten no matter how old I get.”

Catherine Zervas: “Sunrise became a family for me. I wanted to create a friendship with the campers like my counselors did for me. There is no doubt that every single staff member absolutely loves coming to Sunrise, which you can see throughout camp. So many relationships and bonds have been made at this camp between my friends and me and between my sisters and their friends. Sunrise is just one big happy family!”

Sunrise and its miraculous programs are expanding and touching the hearts of hundreds of children – whose lives have been impacted by cancer — because of the generosity of people like you. Imagine the joy and healing power that these programs offer. They make the biggest difference in the children’s lives…and you can, too!

On Sunday, June 8, join The Bristal team for SunriseWALKS! Become a walker, virtual walker or make a donation.

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Your support will help bring smiles and memories to children with cancer

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