The Bristal Donates Thousands of Dollars

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Pay-It-ForwardThis season, The Bristal donated thousands of dollars to three important charities as a result of so many people sharing and Liking our Pay-It-Forward Facebook posts. Click to read about our Pay It Forward Campaign.

The Arthritis Foundation and The National Parkinson Foundation participated by Liking and sharing The Bristal posts with their own Fans on Facebook, boosting our Likes and increasing the ultimate donations.

The Bristal made the following donations in the wake of this effort. The base amounts were calculated at one dollar per Post Like to each organization below… and then some.

Dollars Donated
National Parkinson’s Foundation: $4000
Meals On Wheels Association of America: $500
Arthritis Foundation: $2500

The Bristal was able to make these generous donations because of all the caring people who helped make this campaign a big success.

Thank you to everyone who participated. You’ve made a difference in the lives of so many and that’s the best gift of all. Happy New Year everyone!

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