Testimonial from Tracey Jovet

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Testimonial from Tracey Jovet

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The Bristal at Lake Grove
2995 Middle Country Rd.
Lake Grove, NY 11755
Attn: Karen Caroppoli


Dear Karen,

My uncle moved in to the Reflections unit about 2 ½ weeks ago. He settled in very quickly. Within 2-3 days, he was awake all day and sleeping nights! The staff keeps him engaged and involved all day. He used to nap off and on all day – no longer! He seems to really enjoy all of the activities that Gabby and the others encourage him to try. Vanessa has also been instrumental in helping me get adjusted. She has been so helpful with coordinating his new doctors, physical therapy, medicine, etc., that I am able to enjoy visiting my uncle, instead of worrying about his daily care.


Thank you!
Tracey Jovet

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