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Dear Susan,

I just wanted to send a letter regarding my mother’s stay there until the date of her passing on April 7, 2015. When I first came to the Bristal in Westbury, it immediately became my #1 choice for Mom. It was beautiful, not to mention clean and cheerful, and there were so many activities and sitting areas as well as a beautiful dining room for the daily meals. I was so very impressed by how the entire building is so well maintained – I’ve never seen anything like it. I would bet that place could pass the white-glove test! I would like to thank everyone there from the bottom of my heart for making my mother’s final months a truly beautiful experience. While everyone (and I do mean everyone) at the Bristal, from the Handymen, to the Exec. Director, were all over the top wonderful, always smiling and always willing to help in any circumstances, there are a few I would like to give special thanks to.

The first person I met was “O.C”, who was seated at the reception desk in the lobby. Although I was there after hours, this wonderful person did everything he could to help me arrange a meeting – he even gave me brochures he had on hand of the beautiful assisted living accommodations. This man single-handedly gave the Bristal the appearance of being on “the Love Boat”. Always smiling, always friendly, and I can go on and on. When I would see him there, it just reminded me every time that my mother was in good hands and living among people who truly cared about her.

I then met Susan Mucci, who was responsible for getting my mother all signed up. She definitely made the process much easier, and she was always a pleasure to deal with. While with Susan I then met Colleen Jones – also a wonderful person who assured me that Mom was going to be well taken care of. And she was true to her word.

On many occasions, Mom had to visit the Wellness Dept. What a terrific crew you have over there as well. While everyone was equally great, Jamie and Vanessa were the ones we most often dealt with. They kept me informed every step of the way any time my mom had a medical issue. And there were many. My mother loved them both, and again, I wish to thank them from the bottom of my heart for their concern and for taking such good care of Mom.

Unfortunately, Mom passed away without much warning. She would go up and down, but she always came back. This time that didn’t happen. I had to go to the Bristal to wrap things up, and everyone cried with me. What a feeling. I must commend your entire staff for the wonderful atmosphere they create as well as the care they provide for the residents. It truly is like one big family… if you didn’t know who the employees were, you would swear they were family members; that’s how well everyone got along. I only wish my mother had moved there sooner. Please feel free to use my as a reference at any time.

With my most sincere gratitude,

Michele McGrath

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