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To whom it may concern:

All to often, especially these days, people complain about how a job is being done, how they are not being treated fairly, or jobs are not being taken care of quickly enough. I’m writing this letter today because I think it’s so important when someone is doing an incredible job that it should be acknowledged and commended. That is the case with Marion Murphy.

My mom, Elaine Mirzoeff, has been at the Bristal in Westbury for approximately 8 years. She hasn’t been easy to deal with for various reasons. Marion has taken the time to get to know my mom, has dealt with her in a professional, kind and sympathetic way. Marion also worked with me closely to try and remedy some very sensitive issues, and in the end with Marion’s guidance & support, we were successful. It took months … but the end result is truly amazing.

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It’s obvious that not only does Marion love the work that she does, she really cares, not just for my mom, for all the residents at the Bristal (I’ve seen her in action). She wants to see the residents happy, listen to their stories about their life experiences … she realizes there is a lot to learn just by listening. Marion is sharp, sincere, a wonderful nurse and truly second to none.

In closing, I’d like to say that Marion is indeed an employee of the Bristal that should be praised.

Helen Orlando

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