Testimonial from William Joseph

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Testimonial by William Joseph

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Good Morning Ms. McKeon,

My Mom Alice Joseph was a resident at Senior Care/Bristal in Lynbrook for the last five years. Circumstances dictated that I place her in a nursing home this month.

From the very first contact I had with Mr. Alan Parker it was a pleasure. He came across as a very understanding person and not just another administrator. He was very helpful in acclimating my Mom to her new surroundings. At times I felt he was going out of his way to assist his staff with my Mom who could be a little difficult at times. Mr. Parker never seemed to get upset but just went about managing the day to day operations at the site in a calm proficient manner. I sensed that he was well respected by his staff also.

I know that he has been in this profession for a long time and that is reflected in the way the site is operated.

He exhibits a quiet expertise in what he is tasked to do. I have had several personal conversations with him over the years and always felt that he truly cared about my concerns and the concerns of other family members. That’s what your business is all about, right? I don’t know if you know it or not but I think you can go to sleep at night without any worry about the operations at Al’s site. He is really an asset to the Bristal organization and your particular division.

I would also tike to comment on Supervising Care Taker ” Parthenia” and evening Custodian “Billy” (I’m sorry I do not know their last names).

Parthenia has also been very helpful. She has advised me in terms of my Mom’s latest moods, clothing and toiletry needs. This was especially helpful during the times I was unable to visit my Mom for a period of time. I always knew that Parthenia knew what was going on with my Mom and would keep me informed. I believe she took a personal interest which was great. She also showed patience at those times that my Mom was being a little cantankerous. She is to be commended.

I often saw Billy at night when I visited my Mom. From time to time I would need something for my Mom’s room (toilet paper, light bulb, etc.) and I would ask Billy if he could help out. He was always friendly and ready to be of assistance. He was respectful to me and my Mom which I always appreciated. I never got a sense that I was imposing on him while he was attending to his regular duties. He was particularly helpful to me on the day I had to vacate my Mom’s room and remove her belongings. Billy is alright.

I also found Receptionist Inette very professional and friendly when I called the site. She is an excellent Receptionist.

I was not particularly happy that I had to transfer my Mom from the Bristal at Lynbrook and will truly miss these folks.

William Joseph

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