Testimonial from Valerie A. Guarini

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Testimonial by Valerie A. Guarini

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Dear Ms. Caroppoli,

I wanted to take a moment to make you aware of the fantastic job Tracey Jahrsdoerfer is doing as Director of Resident Relations at The Bristal at Massapequa.

My parents. Bob and Marion Guarini, have been residents at The Bristal at Massapequa for about a year and a half. From the very beginning Tracey has treated them with compassion, care and dignity.

Over the course of their residency at The Bristal my parents’ mental and physical health has deteriorated, as is to be expected with people in their nineties. Tracey has suggested additional services to enhance their day to day life and made sure those services were working for my folks.

My dad was hospitalized last month and then spent several weeks in rehab. Tracey made sure my mom was very well taken care of during his absence. 1 never had to worry about my mom because I knew Tracey was ensuring her safety and wellbeing.

Recently my parents moved into Reflections at The Bristal. Tracey oversaw every aspect of the move. All of my parents possessions from their TV to their toothbrushes were moved and in place in their new apartment in a couple of hours.

My dad can be ornery and cantankerous at times. Never once has Tracey treated him with anything but dignity despite his foul mood. She knew that the transition to Reflections would be difficult for my dad and went out of her way to prepare him and the staff for his move.

I live in Hawaii, almost 6,000 miles from my parents. Tracey has kept me apprised from the very first day of my parents’ residency. She has been sensitive to my concern and has done an excellent job of allaying my anxiety over my parents.

Tracey is an employee who goes above and beyond; her compassion for the residents is evident in everything she does. She is tireless in her efforts to make life safe, comfortable and enjoyable for folks who reside at The Bristal.

All too frequently people are quick to complain and don’t often offer praise for a job well done. I did not want to let Tracey Jahrsdoerfer’s excellent performance go unnoticed. Please know that I greatly appreciate all that Tracey has done for my family and know that we could not have survived the past year and a half without her. I know she will continue to deal with my parents and our family with compassion and care. I commend Tracey on all aspects of her job as Director of Resident Relations.


Valerie A. Guarini

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