Testimonial from Tracy Caselli

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Testimonial by Tracy Caselli

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Dear MaryEllen and Ultimate Care Management Directors of The Bristal,

Hello! I am writing on behalf of myself, my beloved mother Mrs. Monenna Kennedy, and our ENTIRE family in the sincerest way to express our GREATEST of GREAT GRATITUDE to thank your for having Ms. Judy Svendsen on your winning team at the Bristal of Massapequa.

Most recently my mother has needed to transition to assisted living and had gone on a quick reference and moved into a very local and well known facility in West Babylon. To say it was a nightmare from the minute mom walked in,in her words would be putting it nicely. As her sole caretaker, day by day I was becoming more distraught, and a assisted living expert I am NOT didn’t know what to do to fix this! Driving past the Bristal. I made a phone call. Well who answered??? AN ANGEL FROM HEAVEN AND DID YOU KNOW HER NAME IS JUDY SVENDSEN????

I can only describe sheer professionalism when I spoke to Judy-calmly explaining my moms anxiety, and on the other hand also still very nervous and leery from being so disappointed by Moms current address. Judy explained everything and then some to me which left me in awe-Judy spent so much of her time educating me on the entire assisted living format and the entire Bristal system—I felt so at ease—a feeling I haven’t felt in a LONG time! And most importantly that really impacted on me, that despite being a Director, Judy consistently gave me her undivided attention to answer all my questions — never making me feel rushed, pressured or a nuisance.. unlike our other experience. After speaking briefly to Judy on my first phone call, I quickly called hack and Judy, again answered her phone, personally, as usual, with a cheerful and welcoming “Come on down!” attitude, and with that we -my husband, myself, and 4 children aged 1-9 piled in the minivan and Bristal here we came! (I had warned Judy prior to the army coming and she laughed and made me feel even more at ease explaining she care for her 9 nephews and nieces!)

From the first few minutes to present, I need to beyond stress the magnitude of the ATTITUDE your beautiful employee Judy expresses—and not to just my family—she knew every resident by name, along with all her fellow staff and if they weren’t smiling already, they sure were when Judy was done with them. We enjoyed a full detailed tour of the Bristal, and the next day Mom was there to confirmed her hearty approval, and as she now calls her new home”it is a haven —but please add an E.. “HEAVEN!!!

But on all seriousness MaryEllen, I truly want to than you from the bottom of our hearts for the day you hired Judy she went above and beyond for myself and mother to make the Bristal her new home— and to me, the most important factor to any facility of where my mother is is to have an open family- like line of communication with the staff overlooking my mothers safety and well being. When 1 call The Bristal for a question. I have a response THAT day—if not that phone call—unlike the prior facility-where administrators arc away on vacations and assistants are left in full charge-and to wait 5 days to receive a response to a simple question about your loved one in a new facility is definitely beyond reasonable and so distressing.

Thanks to your Judy I have been given such peace of mind, knowing my Mother is in such a caring facility.

Having worked professionally in the healthcare industry for the past 20 years, employee attitudes can certainly make or break a facility!(As seen in our prior experience) I can truly attest and know what a PRICELESS asset Judy Svendsen would be to any facility she chose to work at—I am just so grateful to God and thank him in my daily prayers that it is where my Mom lives(and loves) now…The Bristal at Massapequa!

Thank You again from the bottom of our hearts!

Tracy Caselli

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