Testimonial from The Hejnas Family

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Testimonial by the Hejnas Family

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Bristal Staff at East Meadow,

Thanks is such a small word when one desires to express tremendous gratitude to special people of their many acts of kindness. The family of Eleanor Hejnas wants to personally thank every single member of the Bristal Team individually and collectively for their outstanding job performance laced with love.

We developed trust, confidence, and security with the knowledge that her physical and emotional needs were addressed and satisfied beyond our expectations.

The team spirit that exists within is highly palpable and authentic. There is a harmonious rhythm and exchange – energy from one candle lighting the next, never extinguishing.

We witnessed a significant and profound change internally and externally in our mother. She morphed from a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. Our relationship blossomed and flourished as she recaptured her spirit and embraced life. An opportunity opened where she developed a receptive attitude where she discovered joy, laughter, contentment, and purpose.

Our Butterfly has spread her expansive wings and flown to greater heights – soaring gracefully up to the Heavens Above. We are left with beautiful memories that will be cherished throughout our lifetimes. We are indebted to all of you for the role that you played in rekindling her spirit. You managed to ignite her candle during transference from me to another.

With respect, admiration, gratitude, and appreciation, we close this acknowledgement. Not only did you manage to make a difference in one life – you managed to impart and make a difference in our lives as well.

Respectfully, affectionately, and fondly,

The Hejnas Family

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