Testimonial from The Gleimer Family

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Testimonial by Steven Gleimer and the whole family of Ruth and Lee Gleimer

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Dear Ms. Winsome,

Before I go any further, I have one request – please add my wife, Mindy, and I to the 2037 waiting list for the Bristal at North Woodmere. I cannot think of a better way to spend our “post retirement” years than to be under the watchful eyes of such a dedicated and respectful group of people.

Every person we have met has been nothing less than stellar, starting with the first contact we had, which was Joyce Sycoff, your Director of Community Relations. My wife and I visited a number of assisted living facilities, some competition, and some other Bristal locations, but when we met Joyce we immediately knew North Woodmere was going to be head and shoulders above the rest. She put us at ease and answered all our questions, even the ones we had not even thought of or were not able to verbally express at the time. She won us over and then sealed the deal by winning over my parents, Ruth and Lee Gleimer, who are 86 years old and felt they could still live on their own. It was not an easy sell, but Joyce accomplished it and I will forever be grateful that she did.

I look forward to each visit, starting with the welcoming smile and hello from every receptionist we have met at the front desk, to all the praises my parents continuously relate. What really tops it off is when my parents thank us for ‘making’ them live at the Bristal.

Thank you very much.


Steven Gleimer and the whole family of Ruth and Lee Gleimer

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