Testimonial from the Family of Sylvia Wermes

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Testimonial by the family of Sylvia Wermes

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Dear Naomi and All The Staff Members of Reflections,

The passing of a parent, even if expected, is never easy. We all know that she didn’t remember if we had been there or not, who her grandchildren were and what the names were of the people who cared for her every day. For over two and a half years we have been visiting Sylvia at the Bristal and we hope that we told you often how much we appreciated all your efforts on her behalf. Now that she is gone and we have had some time to reflect back on all those months and the outpouring of genuine affection during her last days, we have confirmed what we already knew. The staff at the Bristal was exceptional and as a family we are so grateful for everything you did for us and for Sylvia. We know how difficult it can be to deal with a clientele who’ve lost their ability to appreciate, express thanks, be polite and never let you know that your work is noble and worthy. We hope that a heartfelt letter like this will convey some of the deep respect and gratitude that we feel toward all of you. Thank you for everything you did and continue to do for the families and friends of those afflicted with this cruel disease. With all our affection.

The family of Sylvia Wermes

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