Testimonial from the Family of Marguerite Klahn

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Testimonial by the Family of Marguerite Klahn

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March 23, 2013

Dear Nick,

We extend our sincerest thanks and deepest gratitude to your incredible staff for their care, concern and support during the illness of our Mom, Marguerite Klahn.

Our Mom moved into your facility five years ago. She enjoyed having her own apartment, living independently with supervision, and making new friends. Your staff recognized and respected her need for privacy, and her unending desire to help others. We are very grateful for the kindness and care given by your staff, which enabled her to have a wonderful quality of life.

Following her hospitalization in October, we were grateful that she could return to The Bristal to receive hospice care. Our thanks to you personally for assisting us during some difficult moments in her initial stages of hospice care. We extend our deepest and heartfelt thanks to your amazing staff for their care, concern and support during the difficult final months of our Mom’s life. We wish we could list the name of each individually, however, they should know that their smiling faces and concern will be always be remembered. To the front desk, kitchen and housekeeping staff, who always asked how our Mom was doing – thank you for your concern. Our special thanks to your amazing staff in Wellness – Doris, Marguerite, Jeannette, Cardella and Josephine. Their professionalism, the quality of their care, and their concern for our Mom was incredible and greatly appreciated. When Mom was well she enjoyed interacting with all of you. When she became ill, your visits were extra special, your smiles, and caring touch gave her, and us, great solace. Words do not adequately express our appreciation and gratitude to each of you.

We feel blessed that our Mom spent her final years and days with such special people, who approach their work with devotion, dedication and with giving hearts. God bless each and every one of you. You do incredible work and give unselfishly. You became tike family to us, and we will miss you! Thank you.
With sincere gratitude and respect.

The Family of Marguerite Klahn

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