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To All Department Heads :

Testimonial from Faith Radler, Harold Mercer, and Phyllis Gitomer

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Please express our sincerest gratitude and deepest appreciation to your staff for the professionalism during the height of the snow storm.

They went about their usual business and took care of our needs in spite of being short staffed and working longer hours. We never heard them grumble or complain. They went about their work with diligence and in their usual caring manner.

We appreciate that many of them left their own homes and families behind in order to take care of their Bristal family. We are truly fortunate to have such caring, wonderful and loving men and women on staff at The Bristal in Armonk.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Faith Radler, President Resident Council

Harold Mercer, Vice President

Phyllis Gitomer, Secretary


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