Testimonial from Sue Cappello

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Testimonial by Sue Cappello

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March 10, 2011

Dear Rich:

My mom, Marie Cappello, became a member of the Massapequa Bristal in October 2008. After visiting many facilities, I decided upon the Massapequa location. I felt it had everything that mom would like, inclusive of bingo, a movie theater and of course a wellness staff to assist her (and me) with her medication.

I anticipated that her transition to assisted living was not going to be easy. Mom was a very Independent lady. This coupled with the fact that she had just lived the last year with a live-in Aid. Mom only agreed to ‘try’ your facility because she knew it was closer to me and because she very much disliked having someone live with her.

Those first few weeks were much easier than expected. Judy Piazza and Judy Svendsen were more than welcoming. They addressed any apprehension that mom might have had. They also were there to help me with any outstanding concern or question that I had.

After the first 10 days at your facility, I hesitantly asked mom how it was going, even though I thought everything was Just great Mom only said that everything was ‘fine’. She never admitted to me that she was much happier than before. That is until one day the following month when 1 had to take her to my dentist I was walking behind her when the dentist asked her how she liked The Bristal. She said and 1 quote, ‘What’s not to like. It is like living on a cruise ship!” Well, my family and I still laugh at how relieved we were to have learned that she was happy in this way.

Well weeks, months and two years passed. Judy Piazza moved to another one of your facilities. However, Judy Svendsen remained. She remained the one who continued to make mom smile. She was the one who welcomed me and my twins any time she saw us. She was there for me when mom’s health began to decline and I had to make the decision to move room to a nursing home. Judy is an invaluable employee. You are lucky to have her, as we were!

Mom passed on January 2, 2011. We are all comforted knowing that her last two years of life was spent happily and independently, as she wanted. I am very happy with the choice I made for my mom.


Sue Cappello

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