Testimonial from Steven Peltz

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Testimonial by Steven Peltz, CHBC

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April 23, 2012

Dear Nicholas;

I met you at the family day celebration in Reflections where my Mother, Margie Peltz- Cohen is a resident.

I told you then that I thought you have a wonderful staff. They have a very difficult job not only taking care of the residents but also the residents’ family members and I know first-hand that we can be difficult sometimes.

I would like to bring to your attention three staff that whenever I am there always does a great job and Tasha always has something nice to say about them. I am sure all your staff is great but these are the three that my Mother spends time with and who I speak to when I am there.

Sheri does a great job with entertaining the residents and I have seen and heard her play the piano. She does a great job getting the residents to participate. Phyola and Rhonda always have a smile and help my Mother – who can be difficult – in many ways. They show that they have patience and are professional in their work.

It is not easy finding and retaining good staff but you have done well and I appreciate them.


Steven Peltz, CHBC

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