Testimonial from Sandy Sedlis

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Testimonial by Sandy Sedlis

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Dear Nick,

My mom, Estelle Gordon, moved into the reflections unit of the Bristal, in May 2012, a few months after my dad passed away. Things ran very smoothly for quite some time. She had a full time aide during the day (Marva), except on weekends.

There came a time (January 2013), where it became necessary for us to let Marva go. It wasn’t long after that, that we began to hear complaints about my mom—she was angry, moody, and becoming physical with the staff and residents alike. We (her family) never saw any of this behavior, but we continued to hear it (mostly from one member of the staff).

As time went by, we began to notice a total change in our mom. She was lethargic, and had a glazed look in her eyes—almost as if she had a stroke. We were told that she was being seen by a psychiatrist, and was being medicated (Risperdal), to try and control her behavior.

Thankfully, and I am not sure when, Colleen Jones was brought in as the recreation director. What a breath of fresh air! Her way with the staff, residents, and family was not like anything we’d seen before. It became apparent that things were about to change for the best.

Not long after, she was promoted to Director of Reflections. What a turnaround for our mom. She is no longer on Risperdal, or anything else like it. We got our mom back!!

I can’t thank you enough for bringing Colleen Jones into the Bristal family. She has turned the unit into a friendly and relaxed place, where the welcome mat is always out. You can see it on the faces of the staff, and residents, too. They love being there, and so do we.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you for Colleen Jones. She is a gift!

Sincerely yours,

Sandy Sedlis

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