Testimonial from Rosemary and Joe Skowronski

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Testimonial by Rosemary and Joe Skowronski Family of James Lombardo

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March 22, 2013

To our Bristal Family.

It has been almost 4 years since my mom and dad made the decision to reside at the Bristal @ Westbury. During this time my parents enjoyed the homey feel of their suite, the convenience of deliciously and carefully prepared meals, but most of all the freedom from worry about daily chores and responsibilities. Happily, this became their new home.

With the passing of time, my mother’s health and mental state deteriorated steadily. It was during this time that dad and I were so grateful for the compassion and caring of the entire staff at the facility. Although my mom suffered from Alzheimer’s she was always treated with dignity and love, greeted with a warm and comforting smile and encouraged to sing, talk and laugh.

When my mom returned to the Bristal after a 3 week long hospital stay I did all that was humanly possible to make sure that my parents were reunited one last time. The day finally came when my mom came back to be with dad. It was due to the compassion and dedication to the residents that the administration made this decision. Three weeks later mom passed peacefully with dad at her side.

In the days that followed, my dad tried to fill the emptiness in his heart buy spending time with the dear friends that were now a part of his everyday life. Everyone was so kind and loving to dad, It provided him with the strength to go on.

It is with great sadness that my dad has had to leave the Bristal. His declining health and inability to ambulate has dictated the move. He can no longer move around on his own and experiences severe pain and weakness just standing. He fondly remembers the days he spent at the Bristal, the wonderful friendships that were forged, and the happiness that he and my mom had right to the end.

Thank you for all you have done for my parents, I will be forever grateful to the entire staff that was a part of my parent’s everyday life, satisfying their needs, and never becoming impatient with their wants or requests. Please pass this message of gratitude to all staff members.

I would like to especially mention my dealings with Tracy, Kimberly and Nicholas who made this move smoother than expected but not without sadness.

With love and gratitude,

Rosemary and Joe Skowronski Family of James Lombardo

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