Testimonial from Richard Agresto

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Testimonial by Richard F. Agresto

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Dear Judy:

Sorry this letter has taken so long for me to write, between the moving of my mother into you fabulous facility and my travelling back and forth from North Carolina I Just do not know where the time has gone. I do not know where to start in thanking you and all the wonderful people at The Bristal. Your ability to make a difficult situation a pleasant experience is just one of your many attributes.

Over the years of dealing with businesses and people it seems that professionalism, service and human kindness is not their primary concern. You changed my opinion on human nature by your professionalism and kindness. If it was not for your flexible and ability to make changes to our best-laid plans, my mother would still be sitting by herself in her house and not at the beautiful Bristal with all the wonderful people and things to do.

You and The Bristal’s wonderful staff has provided my brother and myself with peace of mind by not having to worry 24 hours a day if our mother is safe and being provided for. Life is too short to have to worry day in and day out. I just hope that when my time comes people with your abilities and kindness will be around to provide that human touch in helping families make very difficult decisions.

Thank you again for all your help in making my mother’s transition into The Bristal a smooth and pleasing experience. There is so much more 1 would like to say but the words slow in coming. Writing letters of praise is something that I am very pleased to do and have some experience in doing. I used to write SO – 60 performance reports during the year and when these reports determined if you were going to get a pay raise or not you tend to get good or there were many angry people. Therefore, if there is anything I can do to sing your praise with your management let me know and I will open the floodgate of words of praising their outstanding Director of Community Services.

Look forward to seeing you next time I am back in New York.


Richard F. Agresto

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