Testimonial from Penny B. Kassel

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Testimonial by Penny B. Kassel

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August 13, 2012

Dear Linda:

Now that my mother is finally settled, I wanted to send you a letter of appreciation for all the care and assistance that you and the staff at The Bristal provided to my mother and, of course, to me as well.

As an elder law attorney, I was well aware of The Bristal’s excellent reputation and I felt it was the best choice for my mother. Nevertheless, as you know, both she and I had so many fears and concerns.

Her stay at The Bristal turned out so much better than I even anticipated. The staff was always warm and supportive and quickly responsive to any of our questions or needs. Both you and Winsome’s warmth and caring were apparent and it is clear that Winsome expects the best from her staff.

From the moment you enter The Bristal, you are greeted by Pam’s smiling face, her recognizing everyone and knowing them by name. This alone always gave me such a good feeling.

Special thanks to Anastasia and Victoria. I’m sure that they know how much my mother loved their attention, joking and care.

Luz was so efficient in her filing of the claims for my mother and was always there for both of us.
Finally, Monique was organized and was a great support at the time of her transition.

I am sure that I am leaving out some people and apologize for that. Suffice it to say, both my mother and my experiences with all of the staff were excellent.

Thank you all so much for your assistance, your understanding, your caring, and your warmth. Know that they arc greatly appreciated.

All the best,

Very truly yours,

Penny B. Kassel

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