Testimonial from Pat Breslin

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Testimonial by Pat Breslin

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Dear Vera,

As representative for the family of Eleanor Hejnas, I want to acknowledge and extend our deep gratitude and appreciation for you personally for your dedication, devotion and commitment to making a profound difference in the lives of all the individual lives that reside at the Bristal.

Having been on both sides of the fence and having the opportunity to walk in your shoes, I easily can relate to the demands/stress that your role as nurse/entails.

You impressed me as an active involved caring, highly qualified team leader/player. You were receptive and responsive to my concerns – Always approachable and professional. I always felt comfortable and confident that you personally would act on any problems that surfaced and resolve them.

Those that bring sunshine, warmth to others cannot keep it from themselves. Your kindness has warmed our hearts so!


Pat Breslin

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