Testimonial from Lorraine Hogsett Culotta

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Testimonial by Lorraine "Rae" Hogsett Culotta

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July 29, 2013

Dear Ms McKeon:

I am writing to advise you of the extraordinary care my mother, Judy Hogsett, received at the Bristal in Lynbrook. She was a resident there from Nov. 2010 to June 2013 when she passed away at Mercy Hospital.

She originally lived in the general population when she first became a resident and then moved up to Reflections almost two years ago. So the transition was seamless.

I have never met more knowledgeable, caring and concerned people that those on staff at the Bristal in Lynbrook. From the Director, Alan Parker—the most hands on manager l have ever met to the Business Manager. Maria Resnick—who rivals the best CPA to the administrator Judy Piazza to the larger than life angel of mercy. Shaniqua Hayes, the Director of Reflections—these are the best of the best in your organization and should be recognized as such. I have to also commend Dr. Robert Purvin, who took care of my Mom and was always available and the best diagnostician I have ever encountered.

My mother entered The Bristal when she was 94 and she not only lived there, she thrived. Always, clean, well groomed, fed and most of all loved, her last years were a joy to her and her family. We have only the staff at the Bristal to thank for that. My letter Is a minor mirror of the care and attention that all the residents there receive and It is because of the staff, from the Director on down. Their sincerity is genuine, the real deal. Not only do they care about each and every resident but they give of themselves willingly, cheerfully, and with a full heart. Their level of performance could never be achieved any other way.

Shaniqua and the staff of Reflections do a job that only a few could ever handle. They do it with respect, with compassion and most of all, with love. You can’t imitate the care and concern they give, it is just not possible. Only those with a gift for life can do what they do all day, every day. Every time I visited my Mom I knew she was where she should be. She was happy, well cared for, and always, always, loved.

Just a few days ago a friend, Steve Meehin met with Judy and put down a deposit on the spot for his Mom who will be moved there within the week. He was delighted with the tour given to him by Alan himself and with all the praise and recommendations I have always touted. But as always, it is the Bristal in Lynbrook, everyone on the staff I have mentioned and also Cislyn, the recreation director in Reflections; all the aides there; Michele in Recreation; Mike and Bill In Maintenance; Harvey in the kitchen; Pamela in the Beauty Salon—just to name a few who are and will always be to me, my heroes. And I have no doubt that they will be recognized as such by Mr. Meehin as well.

Please extend to them the gratitude of myself and my family for all their kindness and for safely keeping, watching over and most of all loving my most precious gift: my mother.


Lorraine “Rae” Hogsett Culotta

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