Testimonial from Lisa Suskevich

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Testimonial by Lisa Suskevich, Bernice Werner's daughter

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Dear Winsome,

Last night, 1 received a call at 2:30 in the morning from Cathy in the wellness department, someone I’ve never spoken with before. She was so professional In the way she spoke to me – not alarming but to the point, telling me my mom had fallen and was being transported to the hospital.

I wanted to take this moment to tell you how grateful I am for ALL of your entire wellness staff! They have all been nothing short of FABULOUS since my mom moved Into the Bristal a year and a half ago. This includes Victoria, Anastasia, Maxine, Beatrice (Beatrice, who always asks about my big doggie!), Claire, Sharon – they are truly a great bunch of women, extremely efficient and we love and appreciate them all.
I could not sign off this letter without mentioning how much we love and appreciate Luz and Lauren tool Linda, you too! They are always sooooo sweet and knowledgable and extremely patient with my questions and concerns….thank you so much for having them there! And special thanks to Natasha and Pamilla for always greeting us with a smile. What a super bunch.

That’s all for now. Guess I was feeling a bit emotional seeing my mom in the emergency room….it was time for me to express my sincere appreciation for all of these people and all they do….


Lisa Suskevich, Bernice Werner’s daughter

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